Love Stories: Lion In the Wild on the proposal story & wedding plans

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, here at Husske HQ we’re feeling the love and decided it might be cute to chat to a couple of our favourite influencers to get a little bit of the behind story on their respective partners: think everything from how they first met to favourite features.

First off the rank is Lion In the Wild’s Kiara King – who announced her engagement to fiancé Brad Jarman in September last year. Here, we chat to the style influencer about crushing at first sight, the proposal story, and wedding sneak peeks…

Congratulations on your engagement to Brad. Can you tell me how you first met?
Thank you! I was first introduced to Brad when I was 17-years-old at a friend’s 18th birthday. I was dressed as a pirate, he was not. It’s kind of hilarious.

How long have the two of you been together?
We’ve been together for over 6 years now. Time has really flown by!

Were you friends before getting together?
We were actually friends for a few years before we got together. We had mutual friends so we were always running into each other out and about – including one time very unexpectedly in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand.

Was it love at first sight?!
It was ‘crush at first sight’. I thought he was this super hot surfie guy – a 17-year-olds’ dreamboat, ha-ha-ha!

Can you tell us the proposal story?
After a long day of snowboarding at The Remarkables in New Zealand last year, Brad managed to convince me to do a little hike to the top of a hill, despite having a very sore knee (I figured, hey, why not?). When we got to the top, we took lots of photos – the view was absolutely breathtaking looking out to snow-capped mountains, Lake Wakatipu and Queenstown. Before I knew it, he was down on one knee and I was blubbering like a baby!

Were you surprised?!
Actually, I was very surprised – even though we’d already decided to get married in 2018. My mum had even mentioned that she thought he would do it while we were in New Zealand, but I just shrugged it off.

Did you help choose the ring?
I actually don’t have an engagement ring. Neither of us are particularly traditional and I was already wearing a delicate silver band on my finger that he bought for me in Vancouver 5 years ago, which is very special to me. Trust me when I say the wedding band we’ve chosen well and truly makes up for it though!

Any chance you can give us any sneak little hints into the wedding?
We’re hoping to get married in the spring this year, but it’s going to be very intimate at home in Western Australia. I never dreamt of having a big wedding, so we’re looking forward to sharing the moment with our families and a few close friends.

Were you nervous the first time you posted a picture to Instagram of the two of you together?
Oh, not at all. We had been together for a long time before we decided to start sharing photos of us together on the @lioninthewild Instagram. It’s really great to be able to look back and reminisce over all the amazing places we’ve been able to experience together.

When he’s not in the pics, is he mostly being your Instagram boyfriend?
To be honest, Brad rarely plays the ‘Instagram boyfriends’ these days unless we’re travelling. His background is in the construction industry and he’s currently studying to further his career. We’re complete opposites in some ways, but both heavily invested and supportive of each others’ goals.

When you do get him to take snaps, is he happy with the role?!
Brad is actually the one who saw the potential in blogging and content creation, and has been my biggest supporter from the beginning (he and my amazing mum!). He really pushed me into pursuing it full-time and I’ve not looked back since. And he has discovered a love for photography, videography and droning along the way, so it’s been incredibly rewarding for both of us.

Just lastly, what’s the number one thing that made you fall in love with Brad?
Do I have to choose just one? For me, it’s everything about him: the whole package. He’s probably the only person in the world I could spend 24/7 with – no matter how much we annoy each other (and we really do, deliberately of course).

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All pics: Lion In the Wild with Brad Jarman

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