Love Stories: Marie Fe and Jake Snow

With an Instagram account that has Marie Fe and Jake Snow’s life appearing enchanted, I wasn’t too shocked to jump onto their blog and be greeted with the words: “Fairytales are real… when you believe, anything is possible”.

A couple that have invited their followers in on their journey from the start, these two traverse the world from Australia to the Maldives, Bali to Morocco – documenting their experiences along the way.

Both with a insatiable passion for travel – our first glimpse of Jake popped up in a group shot from Bali posted by Marie to Instagram on July 31, 2016. He was then spotted sliding into the corner of another in August that year, before becoming a regular occurrence from September 2016 onwards – and their Instagram merging into a joint account.

But while pictures and captions tell us part of the story of their life, we wanted to know the things you don’t always get to know about a couple. The first dates, the romantic gestures, and what it is about the other that made them fall in love. Here, we pull Marie and Jake aside to talk it all…

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How did you guys first meet? When was this?
Jake: It’s a pretty crazy story really, but it all started on a beach in Thailand in 2016. We were both travelling through Asia with friends at the time. We would have never met if Marie’s friend didn’t drop her phone in the ocean. She decided to forget about it and have a few drinks on the beach and I was waiting there for her. I remember we were sitting in a circle with a group of about 15 people, Marie and I were sitting next to each other and I was so transfixed on her that I can’t remember anything else from that day apart from her. After 4 days, we parted ways for one and a half days because we had flights booked to different countries – Marie was going to Vietnam and I was going to Cambodia. I knew I had to find her again so I entrusted a man in Cambodia with my passport and $210 so that he could arrange a Vietnamese visa for me in 2 hours. I caught a bus to Vietnam to surprise her and we have been together ever since.

So you started dating straight away?!
Marie: We count our anniversary as the day we met because we have literally been together ever since. The only days we spent apart was when Jake had to fly back to Australia for work while I was still in Asia. He flew back to Asia 3 times in a month to see me! It didn’t seem crazy at the time that we committed to each other a week after we met, now when I look back it does sound crazy, haha.

Did you know straight away that it was going to be a long term thing?
The timing for us was just perfect – we were both at a time in our lives where we were ready for each other and ready to dive right in. We knew after 4 days that we wanted to travel together and after about 3 weeks we knew we wanted to be together long term. It was as close to love at first sight as we can imagine!

What did you do for your first date?
We remember our first real date as the time we went for a coffee at a café in Vietnam by ourselves for the first time after 3 weeks of knowing each other. Up until this point we had only been with each other when our friends were around as well. This coffee date was the reason we decided we wanted to give this holiday romance a real shot. We talked about a lot of personal things that we hadn’t talked about before and we realised that we had an even deeper connection than we first thought.

How did the relationship go from first meeting to properly dating?
Jake: Our love story is a lot different to most as we never really had a dating period before being in a real relationship! We were basically committed to each other from the day we met. Travel is a huge part of our lives and it is a huge reason why we were able to learn so much about each other and become so comfortable with each other in such a short space of time. Travel will bring out every side of you at one point or another and reveal your best and worst traits. It also allows someone to get to know who you really are by seeing how you connect with and treat strangers.
Marie: Jake flew from Asia to Australia and back 3 times in a month to see me – on the last time we were definitely properly dating and we’ve been together every day since. That was 24 months ago.

What has been your most romantic date?
Marie: The first time we moved back to Australia, we had this dream of buying a van and building a bed frame in it so we could road trip around Australia. We bought a van right after we arrived and I had met Jake’s family, but we weren’t able to build our dream vanlife home because we were working night-shifts to save up our money so we could travel again. I didn’t know that Jake was secretly doing work to the van whenever he got the chance – and on my birthday he blindfolded me and we drove up to our favourite sunset spot. When he took the blindfold off, I could see he had completely finished the van and had filled the back with cushions and rugs and prepared a picnic for me with hot chocolate and snacks. He put fairy lights in the van and everything, he definitely won me over that day.

Why do you think the two of you make a great couple?
We both have very similar outlooks on life. We wanted to be free, we wanted to work for ourselves, and do what made us happy. We were both ready to choose love and happiness above all else, especially our careers. Funnily enough, by not thinking about our careers – we built a career through being together. Right from the start we told each other that we didn’t want to play any games and that if we felt something we would say it. We told each other that we loved each other in our first week of meeting, haha. We have kept that same degree of honesty the whole way through our relationship, we tell each other everything and we communicate our feelings very openly. Along with this, most of our weaknesses as individuals are the other’s strengths and vice versa. We have helped each other grow in so many ways by learning from each other and helping each other.
Jake: For example, I was horrible with money and Marie is super tight with money, I am terrible at planning and organising and Marie is great with it.
Marie: Yeah. And where sometimes I can worry too much and think negatively, Jake is always positive and motivating.

Do you enjoy doing similar things?
This is what makes our world go round!! We enjoy most of the same things – we can’t imagine what it would be like as a couple to not have the same hobbies and passions. The reason we are able to spend 24/7 together travelling is most likely due to this fact.

Marie, how would you best describe Jake?
Marie: He is so caring. Jake cares about people that need help, animals, and the world more than his own pleasure. He is always positive (ALWAYS), loving, funny and happy. I admire his will power to commit, work hard and become a better person every day. I couldn’t imagine a life without my lover, partner in crime, and life coach anymore, haha.

Jake, how would you best describe Marie?
Jake: Marie is one of those people that just lights up the room. I watch her when she talks to other people and I can see that they smile just because she is smiling. She has the biggest heart, and while she is soft and gentle, she is also the strongest woman I know.

And lastly, what is the thing you most love about each other?
Jake: I love Marie’s willingness to be open minded and take risks even when it scares her.
Marie: I love how Jake always sees the good in the world.

All images: Marie Fe and Jake Snow

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