Love Stories: Christina Macpherson on love at first sight

As Valentine’s Day draws to an end, we’re bringing the last of our Love Stories series that have had us experiencing all the feels this February 14. And this coupling is definitely one of the cutest you’ll find on the Gram: Christina Macpherson and Tom Paterson. If you haven’t watched these two on Instagram Stories, can I suggest you do yourself a favour and tune in for the lols.

Here, we’ve asked Christina to let us into a little of the background story on this cheeky duo’s relationship – from falling in love at first sight at a Byron Bay party to becoming creative partners…

How long have you and Tom been together?
Around four and a little years.

Can you tell me how you first met?
We met at a party in Byron Bay where I live and Tom was visiting. It was a very chance encounter and a very funny night. Tom told me he didn’t want to taint our meeting by being too drunk so he left early (haha). I did not leave early and that was a very memorable hangover… haha

Were you friends before getting together?
No, we met, fell in love, and became best friends in the space of 24 hours. He quit his job in Brisbane the next day to spend the rest of the summer with me. A few weeks after that, I quit the life I knew in Byron to spend a much more adventurous, better one with him.

Was it love at first sight?!

Were you nervous the first time you posted a picture to Instagram of the two of you together?
Ooh, good question! I can’t really remember. But it’s always a bit nerve-wracking letting your love out there into the social media stratosphere, so I’m sure I was a little.

When he’s not in the pics, can we sometimes find him being your Instagram boyfriend?
That term – blurgh! Tom is an incredible photographer in his own right – both in digital and film – so we are a travelling team. I have good concepts but he has the skill and adaptability, so it’s really a joint effort – not a “stand exactly there, shoot me” scenario.

His role is a photographer and editor (I don’t edit my own photos), and my role is model and producer. We’re both really lucky to do what we do, although he’s a little less lucky when I’m having a ‘blah’ day and I think every photo of myself looks bad haha.

What’s the number one thing that made you fall in love with him?
There isn’t just one thing, it’s a collection of everything: his humour and kindness, his ability to befriend anyone, and his openness to learn and explore. His passion to do more and his enthusiasm to want me to fulfill any dream I want too.

What would he say is the number one thing he loves about you?
Oh! Another good question. Hang on, I’ll ask him… Tom said: “Her quirkiness and kindness, her thirst for adventure and want to connect with people, places, and cultures”.

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All images: Christina Macpherson alongside Tom Paterson

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