Love Stories: When Your Passport’s Lara Kamnik met Your Passage

To help celebrate all things Valentine’s Day, Husskie is getting the low-down from some of our favourite #couplegoal influencer pairings on their background love stories: from how they met to initial attractions.

With Your Passport‘s Lara Kamnik often found travelling the world with Your Passage‘s Uroš Polajzer, the two have been spotted popping up on each other’s feeds for the past couple of years. But how did the relationship all begin? And was it love at first sight? We chat to Lara to do a little digging into this duo’s past…

How long have you and Uroš been together?
It has been wonderful two years and a half now.

Can you tell me how you first met?
We actually met through our common friend and our first date happened in Amsterdam. As I was working abroad, we actually dated long distance for about a year. We were lucky enough to be making trips together each month and realising just how much we loved seeing new things together.

Were you friends before getting together?

Was it love at first sight?
Yes, you could say that!

Were you nervous the first time you posted a picture to Instagram of the two of you together?
Never before have I been nervous posting any kind of picture on Instagram. 🙂

When he’s not in the pics, can we sometimes find him being your Instagram boyfriend?
Hehe, I actually really dislike calling him that way. Neither I or him call him that way or make this his role – as it is so much more. Our business goes far only because of what we are able to create and achieve together. We both have different strengths / weaknesses / interests in the same field and we complement each other. While I am typing out a blog, he edits our photos. While he takes photos of me, I take photos of him, etc. Basically, it’s all about the team work and we are only able to achieve those opportunities because we work together – so there is no typical Instagram boyfriend role. We are lucky enough to do the things that we love – this is his passion.

What’s the number one thing that made you fall in love with Uroš?
It is the way his mother raised him. The way he speaks to people and how he carries himself – he is a wonderfully inspiring person. Of course, the same importance is that he is at least as travel (photography) obsessed as me.

What would he say is the number one thing he loves about you?
He said: “Number one thing I love about her is her honesty and that’s one of the main reasons I completely trust her. I think it’s very important when people are in love with each other and they are running their own business together.”

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All images: Your Passport with Your Passage

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