Love Stories: Saasha Burns talks falling in love with Sammy Leetham

Call us romantics, but we do have a bit of a thing here at Husskie for Valentine’s Day. To help do our part in celebrating this love day – we’ve tracked down a few of our favourite influencer couples to find out the stories behind their partners: from how they met to initial attractions.

Together for almost 10 years, we couldn’t do this series without talking to Byron-based pair Saasha Burns and hubby Sammy Leetham. A twosome that could have even the biggest romance cynics changing their tunes – these two are #couplegoals to the extreme. Here we chat to Saasha to find out just what it was about Sammy that had her saying “I do”…

How long have you and Sammy been together?
It’s our ten year anniversary this July, and our two year wedding anniversary in September ❤

Can you tell me how you first met?
We met in beautiful Byron Bay at The Beach Hotel with friends one night after finishing school.

Were you friends before getting together?
We had never met before Byron, but had mutual friends from school. Sammy is my best friend and soulmate.

Was it love at first sight?!
Sure was! There was a definite connection from the start, and I still get butterflies to this day.

When he’s not in the pics, can we sometimes find him being your Instagram husband?
We both are natural creatives and have always loved photography and capturing life moments. On one of our first ‘dates’ we were running around Melbourne CBD finding a new camera for my upcoming trip to Japan. We work as a team and create all of our content together. Sammy is a self-taught photographer, but it’s never something we’ve done purely for social media.

How does he feel about the role?!
We love seeing the progression of our photography and coming up with ways to move forward and evolve with our creative work.

What’s the number one thing that made you fall in love with Sammy?
His smile and those electric blue eyes! But most of all Sammy has such a good heart, he is a true romantic, and we have the same values, strong ambitions, and positive outlook on life.

What would he say is the number one thing he loves about you?
My free, happy and adventurous spirit ❤

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All images: Saasha Burns alongside Sammy Leetham

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