Love Stories: Stacey Allen and The Friendly Pirate’s Ash Keillah

If you’re not following Stacey Allen and The Friendly Pirate’s Ash Keillah on Instagram already, can I recommend doing so immediately – you won’t be disappointed. This year these two have become part of our daily stalk follow as we watch the super cute Byron Bay-based duo bring us all kinds of couple goals.

And yesterday we saw the goalposts get moved up a notch with news of Ash’s proposal to Stacey at Rae’s on Wategos. Absolute perfection (and great timing as Husskie had just interviewed the duo for our latest interview in the Love Stories series).

Here, we speak to Stacey and Ash about everything from when they first met, to initial dates, to favourite relationship moments…

How did you first meet?
Ash: I think she stalked me…
Stacey: I did not! Ash stalked me on Instagram, to be honest.
Ash: I think she slid into my DMs. I might have crept a few likes on her photos…
Stacey: This was a good six years ago though…
Ash: Yehr. Instagram was pretty fresh for us at the time – we didn’t really know what creeping was.
Stacey: We didn’t even know we were doing it, but apparently we were! But yeah, that was 6 years ago and we were friends and just stayed in touch.
Ash: We were “friends” because I had a giant beard and so she kept me in the friend zone.
Stacey: Call me shallow but it was a biker beard – it was no small beard. But we stayed in contact and then we caught up for coffee and it went from there. It just transcended.
Ash: We had a little date. I was living overseas at the time and we caught up for a coffee – it wasn’t even a date, it was a catch-up. I was meant to be moving back overseas the next week and I got a call to say my job had fallen through and I was like: “Guess what, I’m staying”, and she was like “Guess what, I’m going to Melbourne for the week”, and I was like “Guess what, I’m coming down”.
Stacey: So he followed me…
Ash: So I stalked her down to Melbourne and then from there it didn’t take long for her to move up to Byron.
Stacey: And the rest is history…

How long were you friends before you started dating?
Ash: About 5 years roughly.

So you’ve only been together a year?
Stacey: Yeah, but it feels like a hundred years!

It literally feels like you guys are…
Stacey: … one person?!
Ash: Most definitely, but I think it’s because we’ve known each other for so long as well.
Stacey: Because we were friends before dating.
Ash: And we definitely went from zero to one hundred once we started dating.

Talk me through the first date…
Stacey: I guess the first official date was in Melbourne after he followed me there – we went out for dinner.
Ash: I think she got me a little tipsy…
Stacey: That’s the way to do it!
Ash: Or it might have been the other way around… But we had a really good date and all the signs were pointing at us to be together. We’d been good friends and obviously she’s a babe with a good attitude – and we just completely hit it off. We went back and forth for a couple of months because Stacey was still living in South Australia and I was setting up back in Byron Bay after living overseas.

So after a couple of months you moved to Byron?
Stacey: It was within two months…
Ash: As I said, we went from zero to one hundred really fast!

Did you move in together at that time?
Ash: Yep, we did! But luckily we live together perfectly – I think that’s why everyone thinks we’ve been together for so long because everything we do ends up being perfect together.
Stacey: It just works.
Ash: I don’t think we argue about anything except for who finishes the croissants.
Stacey: It’s true… usually me! But it all works and it all just seems right. Even moving Adelaide to Byron – I’m super close to my family so thought that could be a little bit of an issue, but I guess Ash is my family now. He’s my home away from home.
Ash: And we get to work together as well. We do everything together.

What has been your favourite moment in your relationship? [Ed’s note: Keep in mind this interview was conducted just prior to the engagement.]
Stacey: My favourite moment has been most recently – we’ve just moved into our dream home. We’re living in Bangalow and it’s been a dream for both of us to live there – we’ve got a two bedroom cottage with a fireplace. I think moving in and the first night in our house is probably the biggest moment for me. Every moment is good, but that’s a massive step for both of us – to find our perfect place and one we can settle in together. That’s one of my favourite moments if I’m just picking one!
Ash: I think one that stands out for me is one day back in Byron Bay. I was surfing – the waves were really good and the sun was out, Stacey was on the beach with an umbrella and just really enjoying the day. I came in off the water and she was just sitting there with a big smile on her face and then we went off to get lunch – it was just a perfect day. We have a lot of moments like that.

And lastly, what is one characteristic of Stacey that made you fall in love with her?
Ash: Has to be her smile, right.
Stacey: That’s a bit cute!

And what is one characteristic of Ash that made you fall in love with him?
Stacey: My biggest thing physically is his smile and the noodle hair, but I think the fact that he’s positive and the attitude that he has on him at all times – I think that’s one of my biggest things. Aside from the hard 10 that he is, it’s the personality that goes with it!

All images: Stacey Allen and The Friendly Pirate taken by Mr Jamie Green

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