A Day in the Life of Yan Yan Chan at MBFWA

There’s no arguing that attending Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia is fun… what’s not to love about checking out the parade of street style garbs before watching the upcoming collections from Australia’s top design houses. But while it might look like influencers have it easy during fashion week, it’s not all just Champagne, heels, and camera twirls going on behind-the-feed.

There’s work to be done – whether that be creating content based around the shows, collaborating with brands on different looks, or even turning photographer (in the case of Mimi Elashiry). For Yan Yan Chan, it’s full days of shows and outfit changes as she runs from one location to the next. Fun? Most definitely. Exhausting? Well… yes, also that.

Here, we chat to Yan Yan to find out what to expect from a day in her life at MBFWA…

I got up and got my hair and makeup done by Redken, who I’m working with this week. I squeezed in time for coffee and breakfast and then headed to the first show of the day which was Albus Lumen.

Before I get to the venue it’s quite calm – and then as soon as I arrive at Carriageworks, there’s always someone I’m bumping into that I haven’t seen for over a year or people I’m working with. I’ve worked with a lot of the photographers as well, so it’s nice to see them – it’s all fun. There’s a lot of chatting and a lot of checking out what everyone is wearing on the street!

Watched the Albus Lumen show.

After the show, I went back home to do work – had some lunch because food is very important!

I headed to the Karla Spetic show which was in Bondi, so I just walked down the road.

There’s a lot of chatting and a lot of checking out what everyone is wearing on the street!

Watched the Karla Spetic show.

After the show I got changed and went to Anna Quan, followed by Thomas Puttick – which was at 6 o’clock – and then watched Alice McCall at 7pm.

Following Alice McCall, I headed to the Lansdowne Hotel with my boyfriend [Nathan Jolliffe] to go watch Double Rainbouu – which was super fun. There was also pizza! They had a bit of a party but I didn’t go to that part because I had to get going to Michael Lo Sordo, which was at 9pm.

Met Michael Lo Sordo at the Sheraton Hotel where he was staying. I got changed and dressed into a beautiful white outfit [designed by Michael] for a Dîner en Blanc at Bambini Bar and Restaurant.

Had a shower, wiped my makeup off, and hopped into bed before a 7am wake-up call the next morning.

All images taken at MBFWA by Husskie Press featuring Yan Yan Chan.

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