Instagram and blogger thoughts with Em Talks’ Em Sheldon

She’s not one to hold back on an opinion (or two) about all things blogging and Instagram, which is exactly how Em Talks founder Em Sheldon first turned up on our radar [and exactly why we fell in love with her]. But while it’s her real and raw takes on the ups and downs of the industry that first grabbed our attention, it’s her eye for a fashion find and pension for a global adventure that really got us hooked on this UK content creator.

Launching her blog in 2012, Em has been quick to make her mark – picking up awards for Cosmopolitan’s Best Newcomer and InStyle Magazine’s Top Lifestyle and Travel Award. With her blog, Em Talks, providing a platform on “beauty, fashion, fitness, life and everything in between” – we decided we wanted to be less about the talking today and more about the thinking.

So below, we discover all Em’s thoughts on everything from blogging to the new Instagram algorithm, plus what she really thinks about people who unfollow…

Being a blogger in 2017… Being a blogger in 2017 is certainly better than other years! We’re taken more seriously now, which is great. The blogging world continues to boom and it’s so exciting.

Career journey and highlights… Winning the Cosmopolitan best newcomer award when I first started and then going on to win InStyle Magazine’s top lifestyle and travel blogger award! It was also surreal to see my face on the billboards in Piccadilly Circus when I worked on a campaign with Clinique. I also saw myself in many magazines for my collaboration with Adidas – it was so cool. It’s very ‘pinch me’ to get to work with brands I’ve adored for years!

What goes into creating content… First you need to be in the mood and be feeling inspired. You need to set up the shot, shoot the shot, edit it, and then write and research the topic.

Sponsored content… It’s incredible that brands respect us enough and understand the value of the industry. What’s even better though is having an audience who are proud of us doing sponsored work and recognise that it’s still our honest opinion. I for one turn down a lot of things that aren’t suitable and only ever work with brands I truly adore.

Twitter versus YouTube versus Instagram… I love Twitter – people get ridiculously uptight about everything on there, but you could offend someone even if you were the nicest person in the world! YouTube is fun, I prefer to just be myself on there and Instagram is tough at the moment. I love following people for beautiful imagery and inspiration, but sadly I feel like people are falling out of love with it.

The new Instagram algorithm… As above, sadly I feel the algorithm is causing a few issues for many people. Whilst there are obviously a lot of other meaningful things we could waste our energy on, I understand why people are down about it – it’s people’s jobs and livelihoods. I hope the algorithm fixes itself soon as it’s a struggle to grow right now on the platform.

The blogging community… I’m fortunate that I’m surrounded by many incredible friends from blogging. They’re inspirational, hard working and genuinely supportive. I don’t see much drama because I feel like I follow truly wonderful people.

People who unfollow… It makes me sad when it’s someone you thought you got on with (even if it is just online). I understand we all have our different tastes, but I feel we should support others in the industry and not just unfollow. I’m sure people have many reasons for unfollowing different people, and whatever makes someone happy, I guess! The sooner I realise not everyone is supportive, the better!

Comparing yourself to others… Don’t do it! Never judge your chapter to someone else’s – you are your niche.

Troll comments… They don’t hurt anymore because it says more about that person than it does about me. I feel really sorry for them.

Digital detoxes… I can’t do them! My digital detox is a 45 minute spin class and then I’m pining for my phone, haha! No, joking. I think if you can take the evening off or even have a bath without your phone, do it. Seeing negativity or drama all the time can be draining. Either mute or pop your phone down and engage in real life.

Eating and exercise… I believe in balance. Move more, eat better – not less.

Body confidence… Shake what ya mama gave ya! You are beautiful, incase nobody told you today…

Inspirational people… My bestie, In The Frow – Victoria inspires me more than anyone. Karlie Kloss – super girl boss. And my babe Carly Rowena – she’s so hardworking but still manages to be the sweetest human.

The future you… I’d love to focus on YouTube more!

All images: @emshelx

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