Day on A Plate with Christina Macpherson

We first interviewed lifestyle influencer Christina Macpherson back in January 2017, and ever since then – we basically try and get her on the site at every opportunity we can. What can we say, we love her positive and laidback outlook on life, her radiating kindness, and of course, her beautiful aesthetic. Girl got us hooked.

With a few foodie posts slipping into her feed of late, we thought it might be nice to have a little chat to Christina about her typical eating regimes (see, any excuse), although “regime” is probably too strong a word… “Because my schedule as a travel writer/model is all over the place, there’s not much of a consistency to what, where, or how I eat. It’s not restrictive (unless you count being a vegetarian as strict – which i don’t!), and it’s more about what is around that I can taste, test and try.”

So not exactly a “regime”, but below – we take a look at the types of food you’re most likely to spot on Christina’s plate on any given day…

I never use to eat breakfast. I’d wake up and work out and live off coffee. That was younger, sillier Christina. Now, breakfast is my favourite meal. It’s a slow, calm breakfast. Tom cooks either eggs with avocado and salad on toast, or fruits and muesli. I make the coffee. Music is playing and while we eat we read, play chess and talk about last night’s dreams. It usually takes over an hour. I love the ritual and it’s one thing I hope never ever changes…


It’s always a mixed bag – I’m a picker, so I’ll have half a sandwich here or share an acai bowl or a salad. It’s never big and I prefer to share something light (yep, I’m that annoying girl who always says I don’t want anything and then eats all of my partners… heh heh).

Any flavour of The Daily Bar (a vegan, raw bar brand that I’m obsessed with – even their packaging is compostable!) or tea.

Again, it always changes as we are constantly travelling. We’ll buy local produce and cook up a salad or curry, a pie or mezze of olives, grilled veggies or bread – or we’ll go out to restaurants and try the local cuisines. We mainly like to walk around and try the street food wherever we are – dinner away from home is a fun experience as the streets (nearly everywhere we’ve been to) are always abuzz with a people laughing, colourful stalls and delicious smells.

This autumn I’ve been chugging back hot chocolates like nobody’s business.

Bed at 9pm (just kidding… it’s usually 11… or 12… We have a no phones in the room policy which is great, but there is no rule for books-in-bed and so going to sleep early when I’m in the middle of a good book never really works!)

All images: Christina Macpherson | Words by Yelena Fairfax, interview by Genevieve Phelan

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