50 Questions: Raw conversations with Christina Macpherson

Unexpected. Beautiful. Real.
Any influencer that counts being farted on by their brothers as one of their saddest moments was always going to win over the hearts of the Husskie team. It’s not shocking, just real. And honest. And strangely unexpected. But that’s just the thing about Christina Macpherson – she’s far from the expected.

A born traveller and creative – Christina grew up in Samoa, Fiji and England before returning to Australia to study creative writing and theatre at university. Spending her time as a writer, content producer and model, Christina’s work takes her across the globe – from film studios and theatres to art galleries (where she’s had some of her work exhibited).

A true epitome of the nomad lifestyle, Christina’s ethereal photography has seen her grow a steady Instagram following that is transfixed with the snippets of insights into her life she shares. And now we’re giving more, with Christina chatting to Husskie openly about living out of a suitcase, overcoming feelings of inadequacies, and crushing on David Attenborough…

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1. Best beauty product of all time? Hrmmm… When I discovered dry shampoo that was pretty life-changing simple but gloriously effective!
2. Five beauty products you can’t live without? Dry shampoo, pawpaw ointment, a good eyebrow pencil, eco face tan and good ole’ coconut oil
3. Hair “done” or messy? Messy (even if sometimes it’s not by choice…)
4. Blondes or brunettes? I’m a hybrid of both
5. Makeup or no makeup? No makeup
6. Statement eye or statement lip? The less work the better – big red juicy lips
7. Favourite fragrance? At the moment it’s Calvin Klein’s ‘Eternity’
8. Fake tan or no tan? I’m a naturally olive-skinned girl so if I’m not in the sun, I apply a bit of fake tan so I don’t look washed out
9. Favourite item of clothing? Hrrmmm… I have a dress I bought from an op-shop years ago that I wear constantly throughout summer. I like that it’s unique and nobody else has one like it. Also a denim jacket my mum made for me years back it’s a special piece that has a story
10. Favourite fashion brand? There’s too many. But I am a fan of small brands who are breaking through due to persistence and passion. There’s a bunch of amazing new brands that have launched in Byron recently – St Agni, Blush & Ochre, Deiji Studios. And overseas there are a ton of young creatives who are about to launch amazing things. It’s great to see such unique stuff coming from truly creative people

11. Sneakers or heels? Sneakers. Or bare feet.
12. Dress or jeans? Comfy dress
13. Gym or exercising outdoors? Outdoors!
14. Yoga or running? oohhh tricky. Hrrrmmm… running
15. Healthy eating or treating yourself? Aw man, I’m a fan of healthy eating because there’s never any bad feelings afterwards. But sometimes you’ve just got to eat that entire chocolate cake and seven thousand biscuits…
16. Can you cook? Yessir
17. Favourite food? I love a good pasta or a mezze platter of everything delicious
18. Favourite drink? Fresh coconut water or a scrumptious red wine
19. Best place to eat out? Anywhere that has multiple (vego) tapas, good wine and a chatty tribe of people
20. Happiest moment? Meeting my human, being able to work for myself, cooking and sharing stories with three generations of women, reading my first published article, feeling truly okay with not knowing what’s going to happen. There’s been a lot, and I’m hopeful the list will keep growing

21. Saddest moment? Seeing others unhappy and not knowing how to help hurts a lot. Also getting held down and farted on by my brothers was pretty damaging…
22. Instagram or Snapchat? Instagram
23. Blog or YouTube? Blog – www.christina-macpherson.com.au ?
24. Iphone or camera? Iphone but I also travel with a 35mm too – I’m a sucker for film photography
25. Type of camera? Canon EF35mm
26. VSCO cam or Snapseed? I honestly have no idea what those things are…
27. Facetune or untouched? Untouched
28. Shooting on-the-go or location scouting? If I’m working and need to produce content for a brand, I like to have an idea in my head where I’m going but it’s pretty informal
29. 9-5 job or full-time influencer? Full-time freelance writer, model and influencer
30. Most exciting moment since being an influencer? It’s a constant buzz of meeting people from all over the globe who actually like my creativity and soak up the words I write. It’s a feeling that is truly joyous for me, and I pinch myself everyday that I’m able to continue to do this

31. Most terrifying moment since being an influencer? Being asked to do jobs that I don’t think I’m good enough or qualified for. It’s definitely a common feeling among [women] especially, and it’s something a lot of us have to work on. We’re all good enough though, dammit!
32. Best campaign you’ve ever worked on? Ah, too many goodies
33. The best gift you’ve ever received as an influencer? Hand-made gifts that have been specifically created for me is a pretty special thing to receive. And as cheesy as it is, the friendships I’ve made along the way have been pretty incredible I’m grateful for them
34. Favourite film? “Life is Beautiful’, ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’, ‘A Polish Wedding’, ‘Amelie’
35. Favourite book? There’s not enough pages to list them, but at the moment I’m into the author Haruki Murakami
36. Favourite song? Right now I have ‘Going gets tough’ by The Growlers on repeat. That band is underrated surf rock infused poetry
37. Favourite band? Again, too many. I’m an old gal at heart so Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Colin Macpherson, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Kishi Bashi, Tallest Man on Earth… the list goes on…
38. Living in the city or living by the beach? The beach. I’ll never stray far from one
39. Summer or winter? Summer
40. Ocean or swimming pool? Ocean

41. Favourite travel destination? I love going back to Samoa and Greece they both hold special places in my heart. Also this year I’d love to travel to Chile
42. Going out clubbing or quiet dinner with friends? [Not so quiet] dinner with friends
43. Partner or single? Partner
44. Siblings? Two older brothers
45. What city are you currently living in? That’s tricky… I’ve been living in between a few countries and out of a suitcase for the last year, but Byron Bay is home
46. Celebrity girl crush? Today I spent the good part of an hour you-tubing Michelle Obama speeches… so her; she’s pretty special. And always the queen (Beyoncé)
47. Celebrity boy crush? The boys don’t do it for me, gimme a brain and an explorer’s heart David Attenborough!
48. Pets? Nope, but if you’ve got a dog I’ll sniff it out from a mile out and come for a cuddle
49. Top five Instagram accounts to follow? @nat_geo, @tuulavintage, @emelinaah, @rolllingstone, and @matildadjerf
50. Favourite quote you live by? “Be silly, be honest, be kind” Ralph Waldo Emerson. And “It’s gonna take a whole lotta love to make things right” Neil Young

Christina Macpherson is part of the beautiful The Right Fit team. Check out her TRF profile here!

Got any questions you want to know from top influencers? Drop a line in the comments below and we’ll take a look.

All images: @ChristinaMacpherson

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