50 Questions with Savage Training’s Justin Savage

The director of three gyms, head trainer at LinkedIn Australia, and with an Instagram following of over 120K it’s clear Justin Savage’s career is going from strength-to-strength (quite literally). With his two staffies by his side, Justin is seen motivating people on the daily with posts featuring a cohesive combination of health and lifestyle shots (with the obvious regular inclusion of pups Bronx and Mason).

Here, we pulled Justin away from the TRX bands to get him in the hot seat for our latest Fast 50. Cue Justin’s responses on everything from digging the speedos to following his dreams…

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1. Best grooming product of all time? I love a few things…
2. Favourite scent? Sauvage by Dior
3. Favourite item of clothing? It would probably be an old pair of jeans I have had for years that has loads of holes but fits me perfectly and looks great casual with trainers or dressed up with a shirt and a nice pair of shoes
4. Favourite fashion brand? Fitness – Adidas. Street fashion – I love anything from Culture Kings, they always look after me with loads of new gear each season
5. Speedos or boardshorts? Speedos if I’m by my pool or on holidays, short boardies if I’m at the beach (slightly more modest)
6. Gym or exercising outdoors? I think gym, although I do enjoy getting outside in the weekends with my two staffies and going for a play in the park
7. Yoga or running? I wish I could say yoga but I think running is more my pace, I can’t slow down enough for yoga although I know it’s good for me
8. How many hours spent exercising each week? I like to train 6 times a week and usually about 45 min to an hour each time. Sometimes I do a double session if I know I have a busy day the next day so I don’t miss out
9. What’s more important – abs or legs? Legs… by training legs correctly you will build a strong core
10. Healthy eating or treating yourself? It’s all about balance. I eat healthy 5 days a week, and on the weekend I enjoy a breakfast out or a nice dinner

11. Can you cook? I’m okay. I do enjoy cooking for friends, family and loved ones – I love seeing them enjoying the food I have cooked for them!
12. Favourite food? It would have to be avocado and poached eggs and a coffee – my weekend fix
13. Favourite drink? Coffee + water (can’t live without)
14. Best place to eat out? Love my friend’s café in Darlinghurst: “The Rusty Rabbit” @therustyrabbit
15. Happiest moment? Every day I wake up to my cute family and two puppies
16. Saddest moment? Sunday evening knowing my weekend is over
17. Instagram or Snapchat? Instagram all the way
18. Blog or YouTube? I have both but don’t do either very well, I’m working on videos and editing – so YouTube soon
19. Iphone or camera? Camera
20. Type of camera? Canon 7D

21. Lightroom or VSCO? Lightroom is amazing once you figure out how to use it
22. Favourite filter? iPhone’s new filter ‘Dramatic”
23. Favourite way to edit pics? Up the contrast and down the saturation just slightly
24. 9-5 job or full-time influencer? I’m both. Own my own business, a wellness coach for 4 companies (Linkedin, Mundipharma, Joe and the Juice and interactive inc), run 3-soon-to-be-4 gyms and also an influencer
25. How did you first get your start in Instablogging? Just posting my workouts and things I loved. I enjoyed it and others seemed to like it too so I kept going…
26. How much time goes into a normal picture found on your Instagram account? Not much! My bestie is my photographer, so we smash them out pretty quick – I’m not big on editing so it doesn’t take me much time at all
27. What’s your top Instagram tip? Get a good camera and good photographer
28. Who takes your pics? My best friend Tarquinn (@snukz_)
29. Career highlight since being an influencer? The travel and getting to enjoy so many amazing places and show my followers where I have been and the clothes I get to promote
30. Career lowlight since being an influencer? Feeling like I need to look a certain way or keep up with others – I now don’t compare myself to others

31. Best campaign you’ve ever worked on? I have done two awesome big campaigns with MYOB and Nutrigrain
32. The best gift you’ve ever received as an influencer? Free travel
33. Last thing you googled? ‘Why dogs always lick your face’
34. Favourite film? Anything scary
35. Favourite book? Magazines – love a good design magazine or gossip magazine
36. Favourite song? It changes daily – anything new and upbeat
37. Living in the city or living by the beach? Live in the city and holiday on the beach
38. Favourite travel destination? Anywhere warm: Bali, Spain, Miami
39. Most Instagram-worthy spot? Anywhere tropical – Bali is always pretty spectacular
40. Mates or dates? Mates – as I’m in a relationship, I love catching up with my mates

41. Partner or single? Partner of almost 2 years
42. Going out clubbing or quiet dinner with friends? Quiet dinner with my partner
43. Siblings? One sister
44. What city are you currently living in? Sydney
45. Celebrity crush? Pia Miller + Zayn
46. Pets? 2 staffies called Bronx and Mason
47. Top five Instagram accounts to follow? @mattmccall – body, @johnnyedlind – fashion + travel, @adi.gillespie – fitness, @hypebeast – inspo, @adriancogliandro – buddy
48. Favourite quote you live by? “Don’t give up”
49. Ultimate career achievement? Opening my own dream gym @savage.training and getting my contract to run the wellness program for the amazing companies I work with
50. Where will we see you in 5 years’ time? Living on a beach somewhere working from my laptop

All images: Savage Justin

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