Managing the travel grid with Ave Camilla’s Camilla De Cesare

So, you’re planning Europe 2018. Digs in Praiano are cemented, balcony bars in Paris have been bookmarked, and sipping Pimms at Wimbledon is but a mere few months away. You’re contemplating documenting the spree on a blog, or an Insta account, or perhaps even a reel of film photography.

You’ve told all of your friends that this is something you’d love to do, but are yet to take the plunge. For those budding bloggers who are itching to get their platforms up and running before take off, we have someone to introduce to you…

Today, we’re sitting down with one of our favourite travellers – Austrian travel influencer Camilla De Cesare. Capturing pastel laneways, wisteria-drenched corners and crumbling-yet-breathtakingly beautiful monuments, Camilla equips herself with a camera and a desire to create – culminating in the ultimate passion project: @ave.camilla. Take note…

How do you edit your photos?
I try to edit my photos as little as possible because my bf and I work on getting the settings the way we want them on the camera before we begin shooting. Once I have them on my phone, I use VSCO and make the photos a bit brighter, add a bit more contrast, and then some sharpness and clarity (all of these at around 0.5-1 on the scale of 1-10 on VSCO).

What filter do you use?
I always use HB2 on VSCO – but never higher than a 2 on the scale (maximum is 10).

The places captured on your Instagram are exquisite. Where did your severe case of wanderlust originate from?
Thank you! I actually grew up moving my entire life, I had moved to 3 different countries before age 7 and I guess I just never felt like stopping. So, I blame my parents for my constant need to move, haha.

When did you start blogging? What made you give this whole content creator thing a go?
I went to university in Vancouver, British Columbia, and fashion was not really a part of my lifestyle while I was there. I missed that since I was living in Paris before going to Vancouver. I decided that I could just start playing dress-up and making it a bigger part of my daily routine.

What camera and lens do you use to take your Instagram photos?
We shoot on a Canon 6D and mostly use a 50mm lens.

Your grid takes us from the technicolour streets of Colombia to the dinky, cobbled streets of London. How does a change of scenery impact your creative outlook?
I feel like my style and what I envision a photo looking like is completely dependent on my environment. My bf always makes fun of me because I spend so much time envisioning an outfit in a specific location and I won’t want to shoot the outfit unless I feel it’s in the right spot. He’s like, ‘no one cares about the location’ – but to me, that’s the best part!

Is influencing a full-time commitment for you?
Not at all, and in reality I don’t consider myself an influencer. I have a full-time job and Instagram is just a great creative outlet and a fun way to meet new people.

What’s an average day in your life?
My life during the week and on weekends is quite different. During the week, I wake up and the first thing I do is take my dogs out, maybe do an exercise class if I’m not being lazy, and then go to work. After work I’ll hang out with my bf & dogs and read (or watch Friends for the 100th time). On weekends I’ll hang out with friends, explore the city, and take photos along the way.

How do you stay work-focused while constantly on the go?
When I’m traveling, it’s in my spare time – so taking photos is a fun activity to do along the way. Luckily I haven’t had to try and keep myself focused (yet, haha).

Who’s your current favourite source of style inspiration?
Hmmm, that’s a tough one. I really love seeing what people on the streets in various cities wear, so I wouldn’t say there’s one specific person I look to.

What are your goals for 2018 (however big or small)?
I want to learn to dance salsa!

All images via: @ave.camilla | Interview by Genevieve Phelan

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