This summer’s hottest hair trend… just ask the influencers

It was 2011 when we first saw balayage making whispers in salons – before quickly becoming the go-to request when it came to locks across the globe. Now, it remains one of the most popular hair colouring techniques, but with extensions and variations continually popping up. The latest? Tasseling.

Spotted on a host of influencers including everyone from Rocky Barnes to Michelle Take Aim to Lydia Elise Millen, tasseling is set to be the biggest trend in colour this spring/summer. But what exactly is it? Well, according to Esstudio Galleria Director of Hair Aleks Abadia, it’s a freehand weaving technique that takes half the time to apply as traditional foils.

Rocky Barnes

Image credit: @rocky_barnes

“Tasseling is a way of creating a balayage effect, but it sits a lot closer to the roots. We paint the colour onto the roots but we don’t lay the brush in flat – so it creates a feathering effect up near the roots. This means you don’t get the hard line growing out,” explains Aleks.

“This is good for anyone that wants that big bang [of colour] but with a low maintenance. The colour will last you a longer but grows out softer than you would get with traditional foils.”

Below, he guides us through how to get the look:

Michelle Madsen

Image credit: @michelletakeaim

Tasseling step by step:
Start with clean dry hair (preferably straight)
Part hairline to the preferred side
Rather than sectioning the hair and then weaving, weave the tail comb from the part-line
Create a zigzag section no thicker than a few cms thick, then gather the hair and weave
Use a mixture of freehand and foiling to apply the colour
Make sure you feather the colour towards to roots to create a soft effect rather than a hard line
Run the comb down the length of the foil to disperse the colour through to the ends.

Image credit: @lydiaemillen

Main image: @sivanayla

Esstudio Galleria is a beauty and hair salon located in Chippendale and Parramatta in Sydney, Australia. It comes fully recommended by Husskie Editor Yelena. 

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