The surprising fashion trend nobody saw coming

With the first two and a half months flying by at a rapid pace, 2019 has already made room for new fashion statements and staples. We’re seeing glamorous feathers and power-packed prints, but never once did we expect the Teva sandals fad to explode this much – with Who What Wear acknowledging it as a “certifiable craze”.

Today, the adventure-junky favoured footwear has strutted down the catwalks of top designers like Anna Sui, Sandy Liang, and Collina Strada, and took over New York Fashion Week 2019 along with the hearts of a thick list of top influencers and fashion icons.

Surprisingly, while the sandals are far from your conventional elegant fashion, they are giving a design twist to outfits that somehow has it looking so sartorial 2019. 

In case you’re not convinced, here’s a list of top influencer ambassadors adorning the #TevaTrend – proving the flat shoes with the velcro straps can add a stylish aesthetic to any wardrobe.

1. Michelle Madsen | Michelle Take Aim

Image credit: Michelle Take Aim

2. Emily Gurr | Emm Gurr

Image credit: Emm Gurr

3. Zella Day

Image credit: Zella Day

4. Xenia Adonts

Image credit: Xenia Adonts

5. Karissa Sparke

Image credit: Karissa Sparke

6. Yan Yan Chan

Image credit: Yan Yan Chan

7. Maja Malnar

Image credit: Maja Malnar

8. Tess and Sarah

Image credit: Tess And Sarah

9. Dylana Lim Suarez

Image credit: Dylana Lim Suarez

Main Image: Dylana Lim Suarez

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