The Neverlandboys Co: “There’s a neverland boy in any kid”

With a tagline of “Never growing up” and a feed of pictures that suggests the team behind The Neverlandboys Co just spend their days jumping off cliffs, surfing and island hopping – aside from wanting in, we wanted to know more about the boys. Who are they? How did they meet? And is their life really as good as it looks in their feed? [Answer, yes!]

Below, the boys from The Neverlandboys Co let Husskie in on a little of their journey…

Who are the Neverland Boys?
Elliott Lyons, Jaxon Foale and Zac White. But there’s a neverland boy in any kid in the world that doesn’t want to grow up… that hasn’t grown up… that won’t grow up… not in terms of age, but in terms of spirit, passion and soul.

Is anyone able to join the Neverland Boys?
We want to connect with everyone that discovers our journey so that they feel a part of the story, and we always love hanging out with new people and cruising with them for a while. But the brotherhood of the Neverland Boys “team” will always only be the three of us.

How did you all come together?
We grew up as high school friends, then when we dropped out of university we moved to an island off the coast [of Perth, Western Australia] called Rottnest Island. We formed the brand there because it felt like a place where we never had to grow up – where time didn’t exist. We lived the craziest life – swimming with wild sea life, surfing the finest waves, cave diving, hanging out with friends at the beach, cliff jumping, meeting backpackers from all over the world. Pretty much documenting that was all we did and what we have tried to hold onto as the ethos for who we are and what we are about.

Why did you decide to start the channel?
We have always documented life. When we realised that we just wanted to live a life where we made the most of every second of every day, explore new places and meet new people, we knew we had to document that too – so that formed the basis of the channel. We also felt like we wanted to share how lucky we were to live the life we did.

Who produces your films?
Everything we do is in house, we take pride in that! We love the editing and filming process and it’s something we’ll always want to be heavily involved with no matter what.

What equipment is used to produce the films?
Currently we’re filming on the Panasonic Lumix Gh5 and Sony rx100iv with a water housing for in underwater, as well as a DJI Mavic [drone] for the aerial shots. We use a Canon 5D Mark iii with 17-40mm and 50mm prime for photos. We try to run as minimal as possible and so far these have treated us pretty well!

What are your key tips for editing the films found on YouTube?
The only tip we can give is to make sure whatever you’re putting out is authentic to you… Keep it original and keep the story intriguing.

And what about the photos found on your Instagram? Do you use a specific editing technique?
We came up with a style that we all like and use that as our base ‘preset’ which keeps the photos consistent. All our editing is on lightroom. We used to use VSCO on our phones, which is perfect for anyone just getting into it all.

How do you choose where to go to film your next adventure?
As we have been on a low budget for the entirety of our travels, our locations have been dependant on that – but we are slowly learning more about making some of our craziest ideas happen. Hopefully in the next few months we will be getting to some places we haven’t been before.

What are your “day jobs” – or is being a Neverland Boy a full-time gig?!
We quit our “day jobs” about 18 months ago when we decided to go all in on trying to make this happen. Getting the content then post-producing it takes up a lot of time – there’s a lot of hustle that goes on behind the scenes too. It’s a 24/7 gig for sure!

You mentioned you had just launched another video series. Can you tell me a bit about this?
Last year we fell into the trap of losing sight of our style and the reason we got into documenting life in the first place, so this year we wanted to get back on track. Our new series “Citizens of Nowhere” is us in a nutshell [check out the video below]. It’s pretty much all of the best moments people see across social media, as well as all the worst and all the inbetween, combined with our favourite tunes and some voice-over to give the viewers some insight into where we where at emotionally in the moments we share. We just released the first episode from Indonesia and our next one from Croatia and Greece is about to be released in the next couple of weeks – so keep an eye out!

Are you looking to expand into other areas?
It’s funny you say that, we were actually thinking about that today. We want to be really diverse with our content and what we put out, we also want to get our personalities out there more too. We are about to release a whole new range of things ranging from podcasts, to a day in the life, to random challenges… there’s a lot of ideas on the horizon, that’s for sure.

What does the future look like for the Neverland Boys?
It’s never been a more exciting time for us. This new series has re-ignited our passion for what we do, so we’re keen to make it as insane as possible, hopefully get to some crazy places and meet some more like-minded people.We always get excited talking about the future. The possibilities are endless as we never even know what might happen tomorrow, let alone in a few months time, so we’ll just have to wait and see…

All images: @theneverlandboys.co

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