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At Husskie, we love a business woman who thinks outside the box to deliver an offering that helps empower other females. And someone who is doing just that is Julie Kerr, who recently launched new website Music Love. A platform designed to showcase the wealth of talented, dynamic women across all aspects of Australian music – Music Love displays the creativity of musicians from the established to exciting rising stars. As well as covering the stories and sounds of artists from all musical genres, Music Love also delivers stories of the people behind the scenes including producers, engineers, managers, label heads, coaches and publicists.

So what makes Julie the perfect person to create this website? Well, aside from the fact she has a strong background in journalism having had articles printed in the likes of marie claire, Daily Life, The Drum, Canberra Times, The Global Mail and Mamamia, Julie is also no stranger to the music scene. After launching her first EP in 2002, the singer has gone on to perform in a multitude of Sydney venues as well as launching a full length album in April this year. With strong ties to movers and shakers in the music industry – think Jermaine Jackson (who sought her out after stumbling across her single Papergirl) and Justin Bieber (she works with his vocal producer) – Julie has become a beacon of knowledge when it comes to the music scene.

To find out more about this inspiring new venture, Husskie chats to Julie about all things Music Love.


Can you tell me about the concept behind Music Love?
Music Love is a website that shines a spotlight on Australian women working and playing in all areas of music. Music Love offers playlists, interviews, profiles, news and features to show how many women actually work and contribute to music in Australia.

Why do you feel the industry needed this site?
There is a lot of talk about gender imbalance in the industry. I am discovering that there are a plethora of women who are doing incredible things and I wanted to create a brand that is upbeat and celebratory and that inspires the next generation of music-makers in Australia. Every time I write a story or interview an artist, I get goosebumps hearing the experiences and perspectives and music of such talent.

What has been the industry’s reaction to the site?
The reaction has been incredibly positive and overwhelming. We have been inundated with ideas for stories and requests for songs to be featured. We cover every genre of music, not just contemporary music.

What can users expect to take out from visiting the site?
Users will be inspired by Australian women who are producing a wide range of music, as well as learn about the craft in all areas of the business. We are not a traditional music blog, and don’t do reviews or cover industry news. We simply shine a spotlight on the stories and experiences of Australian women in music.

We have profiled opera singer Jacqueline Dark, electro pop star Montaigne, DJ and pop producer KLP, choreographer Yvette Lee, the head of Australian Independent Record Labels Association Maria Amato, pianist and composer Sally Whitwell, pop sensation Sheppard, the legendary Wendy Matthews, a folk singer from Townsville – Angaharad Drake, Emily Wurramarra from up near the Gulf Of Carpentaria who sings in her grandmother’s endangered indigenous language, Shiobahn McGinnity who works as an audiologist and musician, producer and sound engineer Antonia Gauci, Australian country sensations Sal Kimber and Fanny Lumsden…. I better stop – there are too many! But the diversity is gold.

Why did you choose to make it female-only? Was this an essential element for you?
At first I was toying with the idea of covering Australian music in general, then I met Katie Noonan at a conference and she encouraged me to focus on women because the imbalance was so distinct. I am so glad I took her advice.

Where do you see Music Love in five years’ time?
Well, next year we will commence our first Music Love showcases. These are events where people can come and hear new and original music in great venues at better times of the day! Usually original live music is played late at night, and we want to offer another option – long lunches or sundowners served at shows that feature a variety of genres all at the one event. We will also be ending the year with a music industry conference. If I am still growing the website and these events that show off and cultivate Australian female talent in five years’ time, I will be very happy.


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