Which Married At First Sight stars have gained the most IG followers

There’s no secret that going on a dating reality television show in Australia does wonders for your Instagram account. Many a Bachelor, Love Island and Married at First Sight star have left the show with their IG accounts skyrocketing to a following in the 100K+ zone – with audiences keen to keep abreast of the contestants’ lives beyond the screen.

With wife swapping and clean freaks seeing last year’s Married At First Sight AU contestants becoming household names, the biggest Instagram success story from the show would have to be Sarah Roza – who’s now sitting pretty on a following of 354K. This year sees the show mirror last year’s success, with the Channel 9 show continuing to win the TV ratings… and the Instagram followers are also coming along for the ride.

While we’re hoping that essentially MAFS is all about the game of love for those involved – we’re guessing that gaining a few new Instagram followers along the way has its own charm. Here, we take a look at which Married At First Sight stars are winning when it comes to gaining Instagram followers as we hit the halfway mark of season 6.

The girls
1. Martha | Marthaa__k | Started on: 5.2K followers | Currently on: 158K followers

Image credit: Marthaa__k

2. Elizabeth | Lizalizzieelizabeth | Started on: N/A | Currently on: 128K followers

Image credit: Lizalizzieelizabeth

3. Jules | Julesrobinson82 | Started on: N/A | Currently on: 112K followers

Image credit: Julesrobinson82

4. Jess | Jessika_power | Started on: 3.1K followers | Currently on: 111K followers

Image credit: Jessika_power

5. Cyrell | Cyrelljimenezpaule | Started on: N/A | Currently on: 100K followers

Image credit: Cyrelljimenezpaule

6. Ines | Innnnnnes | Started on: 1.0K followers | Currently on: 93.7K followers

Image credit: Innnnnnes

7. Lauren | Laurenhuntriss | Started on: 314 followers | Currently on: 79.4K followers

Image credit: Laurenhuntriss

8. Heidi | Heidslatcham | Started on: 1.4K followers | Currently on: 79.2K followers

Image credit: Heidslatcham

9. Ning | Ning_sura85 | Started on: N/A | Currently on: 58.7K followers

Image credit: Ning_sura85

10. Melissa | Mellucarelli | Started on: N/A | Currently on: 48.3K followers

Image credit: Mellucarelli

The boys

1. Bronson | Bronson_norrish | Started on: 1.2K followers | Currently on: 108K followers

Image credit: Bronson_norrish

2. Cameron | Cammerchant | Started on: 1.3K followers | Currently on: 82.5K followers

Image credit: Cammerchant

3. Sam | Who_is_samm | Started on: N/A | Currently on: 78.6K followers

Image credit: Who_is_samm

4. Nic | Nicccj | Started on: 497 followers | Currently on: 71.6K followers

Image credit: Nicccj

5. Mick | Mick_gould86 | Started on: N/A | Currently on: 71.2K followers

Image credit: Mick_gould86

6. Michael | Mbrunelli | Started on: N/A | Currently on: 60.7K followers

Image credit: Mbrunelli

7. Matt | Mattybgrateful | Started on: 0 (he didn’t have Instagram!) | Currently on: 60.6K followers

Image credit: Mattybgrateful

8. Mike | Mikekangaroo | Started on: 686 followers | Currently on: 60.1K followers

Image credit: Mikekangaroo

9. Dino | Dino_hira | Started on: 10.3K followers | Currently on: 46.2K followers

Image credit: Dino_hira

10. Mark | Thisismarkscrivens | Started on: 476 followers | Currently on: 39K followers

Image credit: Thisismarkscrivens

Main image: Marthaa__k with Mbrunelli

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