Style Spotlight on NYC Bambi’s Christie Tyler

Dreaming of attending fashion school at age 10, a titillation for style has long been pumping through the veins of NYC Bambi blogger and photographer Christie Tyler. Fastly carving out a name for herself on the tongues of the international style elite, Christie’s love for neutral minimal tones and vintage pieces has seen her stamp a definite trademark look to her corner of the net.

Drawn to interiors, art, and music, we continue to be captivated by this introvert with an old soul – and that’s despite being just 21 years of age. Here, we take a look at the top 5 reasons why NYC Bambi has become a neutral haven highly deserving of a double tap.

1. Fashion is her forte
Her colour palette may be limited to beige, white and black – but somehow Christie’s style never gets monotonous. Inspired by an androgynous look that mixes the feminine with masculine, her outfits are defined by infallible tailoring and artistry accessories.

2. The NYC Bambi blog came about by accident
Starting off as a Tumblr account, NYC Bambi originally was a place for Christie to “reflect and post random photos I would take”, she tells Local Eclectic. After being continually asked advice on styling and finding a passion in creating fashion content, she decided to launch her Instagram and official blog.

3. She’s originally from the burbs
Growing up in suburban New Jersey, Christie moved to New York City around four years ago. Now her apartment has become the perfect backdrop for her feed’s fodder. With a minimal colour palette that matches her wardrobe, her apartment is filled with subtle hues complemented by a touch of marble and artworks by the likes of Cate Adriana.

4. Her interior game is strong
One quick scroll of Christie’s Instagram feed, and you’ll see a clear attraction to the world of interior design. Leaning heavily on vintage, throw in a copy of Unconditional magazine, a Céline bag, or a Chanel hand cream and she’s got us every time.

5. She has a studio for creatives
Not only is Christie studying and running the NYC Bambi digital platforms, but late last year saw her set up a studio in New York City for creative content and fashion shoots. The studio has already seen campaigns shot there for the likes of Luxury magazines and Pixie Market clothing brand.

All images: NYC Bambi

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