Style Spotlight | MyPeepToes’ Paula Ordovás, aspirational lifestyle icon

Based in Madrid, Spain, fashion favourite MyPeepToes’ Paula Ordovás is living the influencer dream, taking snaps of her outfits all over the globe – while also juggling her roles as a magazine contributor, public relations professional for numerous fashion firms, and managing an online e-tail store. On top of that, she’s continued to stay very committed to her lifestyle blog – updating it a couple of times a week. Now that’s what we call a multi-tasker.

Gaining over 418K+ followers on Instagram, Paula’s success across her blog and social media has seen her rack up such accolades as being named ‘Best Blogger’ by Cosmopolitan Magazine in 2015 and Acotex in 2013, as well as being featured in magazines such as Vogue Mexico/Latin America and Elle UK. She’s also partnered with a multitude of luxury brands including Dior, Bvlgari, Elie Saab, Armani, Tiffany & Co., and Lancôme… just to name a few.

Below, we’re taking a look at why so many are falling head over heels [pun intended] for Paula Ordovás of MyPeepToes…

1. Her picturesque globetrotting adventures never disappoint us
Paula is truly the queen of travelling, setting her foot into a never-ending assortment of stunning locations. She truly leaves us in awe with her Instagram-worthy snapshots transporting us to her adventures in countries like America and Italy.

2. Paula’s fashion guilty pleasure is a pair of high heels
With an alias like ‘MyPeepToes’, it’s clear that Paula has a thing for shoes – and by a quick scroll of her Instagram, we have discovered that her ultimate favourites are a pair of high heels. Be it a stiletto, boot, or mule, you can find Paula incorporating some sort of high heel into a fashionable ensemble.

3. She’s constantly taking good care of her body
Besides being a style icon, Paula takes diet and fitness very seriously. In fact, she is adamant about keeping her body in shape. In a blog post, she states that she keeps her body in shape by eating clean and working out for at least two hours everyday. Scrolling through the Gram, you can definitely see this passion as she devours her next smoothie bowl or competes to run in another marathon.

4. Her house is an interior designer’s fantasy
Paula’s house mirrors her impeccable taste in style and it completely encapsulates what we think a ‘perfect home’ would look like. The house combines fashion and film references with a Moroccan-inspired atmosphere and hints of blush pinks, mahogany, white and gold. To get a glimpse of what the house completely looks like, you can head over to this article or watch her ‘House Tour’ video on YouTube.

5. Paula manages her own online store
In her thirties and thriving, Paula not only has huge shoes to fill in her respective careers but as of December 2017, she has opened her own online store ‘MyPeepToeShop.’ You’ll be delighted to know that she sells an assorted range of products that include fashion apparel, accessories, shoes, homeware, health snacks, and stationery.

All Images: MyPeepToes | Written by Margaux Levy

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