Singapore’s top 10 social media style stars

Famous for ‘Crazy Rich Asians’, the Trump-Kim summit, and for the now infamous Marina Bay Sands a.k.a. the building which looks like there’s a ship on top of it with an infinity pool overlooking the city skyline Singapore is starting to get a name for itself on the world map (or at least in the Locations tab of your Instagram).

I’m proud to say I’m from Singapore and can call the ‘little red dot’ my home. When I use to tell foreigners I was from Singapore, many didn’t know much about it or even where it was located on a map. Now, we’re attracting visitors from all over the globe while still playing host to some of our own international style stars inspiring the masses.

Below, we introduce you to ten of Husskie’s favourite Singaporean influencers on the street style scene.

1. Yoyo Cao | @yoyokulala | 334K
Yoyo Cao is definitely one of the most sought-after fashion influencers in Singapore, amassing an impressive total of 334K followers on the Gram. A style frontrunner, she’s earned multiple mentions on Vogue.com, featured in Harper’s Bazaar’s list of “ones to watch in 2016”, has received two “Golden Peacock” awards by New York Magazine’s The Cut, and has been featured in various fashion publications. She currently manages her own blog and clothing label, and in addition to all this, she’s a mother too.

2. Andrea Chong | @dreachong | 309K
High on the list of Singapore’s most popular lifestyle influencers, Andrea Chong started her blog in 2013 while studying English Literature at Nanyang Technological University. She has gone on to be ranked number one in the Digital Advertising Agency HippoNetwork’s “Top 50 Fashion Bloggers in Singapore”, named in The Influencer Media’s “Top 50 Bloggers in Singapore”, and awarded Fashion Icon of the Year at the Singapore Social Media Awards.

3. Melissa Celestine Koh | @melissackoh | 266K
In 2014, Melissa was able to pursue her dream career of entrepreneurship and content creation after graduating from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor in Business and a Finance Major. With previous career experience at a reputable bank, as of late, you’re more likely to catch Melissa at New York Fashion Week, being a strong advocate for the environment fronting as an Earth Hour and World Wildlife Fund ambassador or being a working partner to local brand ‘Another Sole’ which pays forward every pair of shoes sold to World Vision International in Vietnam.

4. Isabel Tan | @prettyfrowns | 236K
Prettyfrowns, or rather Isabel Tan, can always be found in a dazzling number be it in her homeland or in her overseas travels. Given her aesthetically-pleasing visuals, it comes as no surprise that she has collaborated with a total of 64 brands and counting from the likes of Dolce Gabbana, Calvin Klein, and even Netflix.

5. Christabel Chua | @bellywellyjelly | 216K
Christabel, otherwise known as Bellywellyjelly or ‘Bel’, is definitely Singapore’s sweetheart in the influencing scene. Unafraid to live a bold life filled with adventures, her Instagram page gives us a sneak peek into her life
be it taking in sights of countries like Shanghai and Poland or just simply her seemingly endless ensembles. On top of her Instagram, Bel runs accessory label ‘kāi’, has a Youtube channel, and was previously part of a collective called ‘The Smart Local’ (much like a local Buzzfeed) where she had her own segment called ‘Pretty Smart’.

6. Sophie Willocq | @sophiewillocq | 83.1K
While Sophie Willocq can stand tall thanks to her Instagram following of 83K+, she also literally stands tall thanks to the fact she is much taller (172cm / 5.6ft) than most of her local colleagues in the influencing space. Her fun-loving nature is reflected in her posts be it jet-setting to catch Tomorrowland or simply portraying eye-catching looks. This Eurasian beauty of French-Chinese descent even won the crowning title for Singapore’s largest modelling competition, ‘New Paper New Face’, back in 2015.

7. Savina Chai | @savinachaiyj | 76.4K
She may have worked with some of the top high-end designer brands like Chanel and Emporio Armani, but Savina Chai has also had a hand in fashion designing herself with her online clothing label, ‘Eight Slate’. On top of this, she’s also written for Grazia, runs her own blog, and even took up an adjunct lecturer position. And little would you know that behind her stylish shades, this jack of all trades actually suffers from partial blindness due to glaucoma at twenty years old.

8. Nellie Lim | @nellielim | 61.6K
Mixing editorial photography with sartorial elegance, Nellie Lim’s mismatching of designer and high-end labels has seen her catch the eye of some of the largest fashion houses in the world – with a regular spot at fashion shows such as Hermès, Chanel and Cartier to BVLGARI, Bally, Max Mara, and Diane Von Furstenberg.

9. Trishna Goklani | @trishnarawr | 19.7K
Trishna Goklani is a self-professed ‘visual creature’ with an eye for all things fashion and beauty. Currently based in both London and Singapore as she completes her Fashion Journalism degree at the London College of Fashion, Trishna also dabbles in various projects which include collaborations, styling, writing, modelling and photography. Featured in the likes of Vogue and Elle UK, she was also named in the Straits Times’ ‘Annual Best Dressed List, 2016.” Trishna firmly supports the need for racial representation, creating her own hashtag (#browngirlreppin) to educate and inform her audience about what she has personally experienced.

10. Nadia Rahmat | @skinnykatwoman | 10.4K
Definitely not one for the faint-hearted, Nadia is all about experimenting and is proud to showcase her eccentric personal style and natural beauty. An up-and-coming influencer, Nadia is currently an events manager, model, and fun fact, she was even selected to be the first Singaporean face for a Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign back in 2015.

Main image via: Pretty Frowns | Words by: Margaux Levy

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