Natalie Roser and Brooke Nash turn up the heat

What happens when two of Australia’s hottest influencers get together for a swimwear campaign? Things get a little sizzling. With 754K Instagram followers between them, it’s not hard to see why Natalie Roser and Brooke Nash are gaining the fans – basically, they’re massive babes. Something that hasn’t escaped the attention of uber popular online retailer Showpo.

Teaming the girls together for its latest swimwear campaign was a stroke of creative genius, with the shoot already seeing sales fly out the door. Always a little intrigued about how these ideas are concepted and what goes on behind-the-scenes, Husskie decided to track down Showpo digital campaign manager Kelly McCarren to find out everything about the shoot…


Well that was one of the hottest ad campaigns I’ve seen for a while! What was the original concept for the shoot?
There actually wasn’t really a concept! Our buying team really tapped into multiple trends with the collection and we knew we wanted to shoot the metallics against an earthy, naturalistic setting – so a beach with plenty of rocks was a fab option. We didn’t need a super fancy setting as the beautiful models and gorgeous designs held their own.

Can you talk me through the day?
In one word – manic! As most shoots are! The day began at six am, which actually wasn’t tooooo bad in shoot world but still, an early start. The girls had minimal hair and makeup done (when you have skin that is that clear and glowing – you don’t need much!) and the shoot started at 7:30am at Freshwater Beach on the Northern Beaches. It was FREEZING in the morning and the poor girls were flouncing around in micro bikinis trying to look summery!

Did everything go to plan?
It was really successful and ran smoothly thanks to a talented and professional team. We got fabulous shots (as you can see) and the video footage is gorgeous. However, we did all get extremely sunburned with a few minor cases of heatstroke. There’s only so much sunscreen can do when you’re in the sun for over 10 hours.


How many people are involved in a shoot like this?
This was a smaller scale shoot with eight of us: the creative director, photographer, videographer , makeup artist, stylist, models and an extra team member to help with everything.

They’re obviously both incredibly beautiful, but what was it about Brooke and Natalie that made them the first choice for this campaign?
Brooke is one of our long-term models, she won our ‘Face of Showpo’ competition three years ago and has modelled for us ever since. Nat is the quintessential Australian beach babe with a mega-watt smile. The two of them together embody the feel of the collection and photograph beautifully. Lots of long, lithe, tanned limbs and salty, blonde waves!

How do you normally choose which models to work with for your lookbook campaigns?
We start by looking at the collection and envisaging what mood we want to evoke with the campaign shoot, which involves how the models will obviously look. We then do a call out to agencies and through photographers, the models will then come in for casting calls and test shoots, and then we sit down to make a final decision.

What has been the reaction to the campaign?
Really great, everyone keeps commenting on how hot it is (those girls seriously sizzle in it together) and it’s been showcased through sales. On the campaign launch day, we sold three times the amount of product that the swim campaign last year sold on the first day.

Click here to shop the shoot.


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