Nailing the selfie (and other beauty tips) with Hung Vanngo

In Australia to launch Marc Jacobs Beauty’s new Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eye Shadow Palettes last night, makeup guru and global artistry ambassador Hung Vanngo was on hand to not only demonstrate the new palettes at work (creating some seriously smokin’ makeup looks) – but also to answer all the burning questions about his top beauty tips and tricks. Yes, including how to get a ? selfie worthy of his 630K followers on Instagram.

Having created makeup looks for celebrities such as Katy Perry, Selena Gomez and Kate Moss, plus influencers including the likes of Sara Sampaio, Taylor Hill and Georgia Fowler, Hung is one in-demand man. And while he was also definitely the man of the hour at last night’s event, we did manage to get a chance to pull him aside to ask some industry secrets…

What is your number one beauty tip?
I think the key makeup tip for me is blending. I love makeup and I think everyone has their own way to express makeup artistry – so some people love heavy blushes and heavy contouring while some love natural skin – but whatever you do, if you blend your look down, then it will look beautiful. If you want a heavy contour, still just blend it in a little bit and then it will look way more approachable. Blending makes a big difference.

Do you recommend using a brush or your hands to blend?
When it comes to cream textures, I think it’s nice with hands because the natural warmth of the skin melts the product nicely. For eyeshadow, I think it’s good to use a nice precision brush. You just need three brushes – a smudging brush, eyeshadow brush, and a blending brush.

Are there any big makeup no-nos?
I just do makeup that works for me. I’m not coming out saying you can’t use blue with purple or you can’t do this, and I think that’s how everyone should approach makeup. Use it to create your art. That’s why I would never judge someone’s makeup – they’re just expressing it how they see it. Everyone’s vision is different. How you create your art is really just you.

Radiance continues to be a big trend. What’s key to getting this makeup look?
I’m obsessed with the Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Highlighter, I literally just lather it on. It’s a really incredible highlighter – you just blend it in and it looks like a second skin but with all these sparkles. How I love to use this is to mix it with my sunscreen and moisturiser. It’s best to go easy with it on the Tzone or you can end up looking quite shiny in summer, just blot it in the centre of the Tzone to keep the skin looking fresh.

We love your makeup shots on Instagram. Any tips for taking a great selfie?
I always try and do pictures under natural light and I always use a white card on the bottom under the face – it just works to airbrush the skin a little bit, even when there are pimples. But natural light is key.

Who is the best person you’ve done makeup on?
I love every single person I’ve worked with – I can’t choose one. Each person I enjoy different things about them – different features, different personalities… that’s the best part about working with different people.

What are your three go-to beauty products?
The three products everyone should have is the Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Highlighter – which makes everyone look amazing and healthy, second off – everyone should try the new Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eye Shadow Palettes, and third is the Gel Eyeliner – the best eyeliner you’ll ever find.

Any last beauty tips?
Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise – moisturiser is your best friend. And just keep your look young.

All images: Ken Butti for Marc Jacobs Beauty

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