Love Stories with Monique Bowie and Fred Laatsch

Earlier this year, we began to see a rather good-looking Brazilian man start popping up in Sydney lifestyle Instablogger Monique Bowie’s Instagram feed and Stories – and was soon making more regular appearances. As per usual, we couldn’t help ourselves but have a bit of a snoop – but while we did find some ultra cute snaps of the duo, we couldn’t find much information out there about Mon and Fred Laatsch as a couple.

Then, on November 14 this year – Mon shared some big news to the Gram. She was three months pregnant – her and Fred were having a baby. Naturally, this caused our intrigue into overdrive. Using the news as a catalyst to get in contact with Mon, we tracked her down to put her in the firing line of one of our Love Stories series.

Luckily for us, she obliged.

Here, Mon lets us in on all the relationship background story – from when and how they first met, to doing the long distance thing, to the baby news.

How did you and Fred first meet? When was this?
We met out at a bar in Bali in May this year!

Were you friends before you started dating? Who asked who out?!
We kissed on the first night we met, so I’ll say we weren’t friends before we started dating. Fred was living in Bali and I went home, but I ended up going back to Bali to stay for a few months and we made things official over a month later!

Did you know straight away that you liked each other? Did you think it was going to be a long-term thing?
Yes! As soon as we both saw each other there was instant attraction. I approached him first and asked for his number, but we lost each other as the place was full of people! It wasn’t until the bar was closing that we found each other again outside. I didn’t think straight away it would be long term but when I went back to Sydney, I knew.

What did you do for your first date?
As Fred had been living in Bali for a while, he of course knew where the best place to watch the sunset was! He picked me up on his bike and we went to watch the sunset and I ended up extending my Bali trip for a few more days.

How did the relationship go from first date to properly dating?
We continued to talk when I was in Sydney and he was in Bali and got to know each other. I would try to fly to Bali whenever I could to spend a few days with him. It wasn’t until I booked my trip to stay a few months… we decided the night I arrived we would be exclusive.

What has been your most romantic date? What happened?
When you’re in Bali, every time you’re together it’s romantic! We have had a lot of sunset dinners together, I’m a sucker for sunsets.

Very exciting news about the bub. Is this something you were planning together?
It definitely wasn’t planned. I was a little scared when I found out and not sure what to do, but I feel things happen for a reason. I feel we are both at the right age to have a child and I am excited – Fred is going to be an amazing father.

It seems to be even more special that you found out on the anniversary of your mother’s death. Did that make the baby news even more beautiful?
Yes! It definitely made it even more special! I won’t lie, not having Mum around when you find out your pregnant is definitely hard and upsetting. Especially when all of your friends who have had babies or are pregnant have their mums to help guide them.

Do you think your Mum would be so proud and happy of this news?
I think she would be really excited! She would have loved Fred as well.

Three quick ones to finish… Why do you think the two of you make a great couple?
I think we make a great couple because we both have the same interests, both easy going, and love traveling. We both don’t have to be in one place to be happy as long as we have each other.

How would you describe Fred and how would he describe you?
Fred is not just a beautiful face, he has the kindest soul and everyone who meets him are surprised at how someone so gorgeous could be so sweet and caring. Mmm… I feel that Fred would say that I’m happy and caring.

What’s the thing you most love about each other?
His kind heart and when he speaks Portuguese, haha! Fred says he loves my smile – but can’t pick one thing. 🙂

All images: Monlbowie with Fred Laatsch

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