Love Stories: Find Us Lost’s Selena and Jacob Taylor

If you think the notion of travelling to infinite corners of the globe with your someone for a living is strictly reserved for fantasy, think again. Selena and Jacob Taylor are a match made in jet-setting heaven, fusing their mutual passion for travel to create the ultimate honeymooners’ lookbook: Find Us Lost.

The photography is all kinds of captivating, with a whole ice-cream buffet of colours awash their Instagram and blog alike. Currently in Portugal, the fairytale is in full swing. Indulging our nosy curiosity, the dazzling blogging duo tell us their covetable Love Story from day dot…

How did you two meet?
Selena: We met in college at Chapman University in Orange County. Jacob was studying film and I was studying marketing and PR at the time.

Were you friends before you started dating?
Selena: Yes! We were friends for a couple years before we got together.

What did you do for your first date?
Selena: We laugh about this all the time, but we actually planned a road trip through Europe together before ever making our relationship official. You could say that was our (very bold) first date!

What has been the most incredible thing that your partner has done for you that blew you away?
Selena: Jacob proposed to me in Kauai the day after we left Los Angeles to travel and move abroad in 2016. It set the tone for our entire trip and is definitely a time we’ll always look back on so positively.
Jacob: She convinced me to move abroad and I ended up falling in love with Amsterdam and our lives here.

What does your typical date night look like?
Selena: Usually it’ll involve biking along the canals to a new restaurant since we love to try different places together. When we plan ahead, we’ll try to combine it with something else – our favourite this past year was ice skating in the winter.

How would you describe each other?
Selena: Jacob is hands-down the most well-rounded person I know. He’s passionate about causes that matter to him, creative and hard-working, but also doesn’t take life too seriously. He always knows how to make me laugh and also be a shoulder to lean on.
Jacob: Selena is driven and incredibly hard working. She’s bright and beautiful, as well as goofy when the mood strikes. Also, she’s a foodie.

Thing you most love about each other?
Selena: Besides knowing how to make me laugh, it would have to be how caring he is.
Jacob: I love how excited she gets about new experiences and destinations.

What holiday stint holds the most memories for you?
Selena: When we were first dating, I planned a surprise birthday for Jacob with all of his friends – we rented a bus to drive the group around Los Angeles and hit all the local breweries. He loved it, and it honestly it was one of my favourite days too!
Jacob: Spending the holidays together in Europe this past winter was really special. We explored parts of Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

Where in the world would you love to be together right now?
Selena: Back in Santorini, we visited when we were engaged and it was one of our favourite destinations.
Jacob: Kauai, it will always be such a special place to me and I love spending time with Selena there more than anything.

All images: Find Us Lost

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