Making it in LA: How Lilian Tahmasian is taking on the scene

It’s been over a year since beauty blogger/vlogger Lilian Tahmasian left Australian shores to pursue her acting dreams in LA, but while she admits things can get overwhelming at times – life has dealt up some pretty exciting opportunities for Lilian over the past 12 months.

With the recent launch of her new website and the completion of her acting studies, we thought it made for the perfect excuse to get Lilian back in at Husskie HQ to find out what life has been like for this Aussie girl as she takes on the US of A. Here, she talks everything from overcoming hurdles, biggest lessons learnt, and how she manages the daily juggle between acting and blogging/vlogging

What’s been happening in the world of Lilian Tahmasian?
I have been grateful for having a busy year travelling, to creating content around the world, and finishing up studies in acting.

How is the juggle going between acting and blogging/vlogging?
Not going to lie, it gets difficult to separate which hat you get to wear that day, whether its playing the actress role, to the marketing managing role, or the influencing one, however, I do feel blessed to be able to play different roles weekly. It’s all about staying organised and on schedule, that’s what helps me, as well as my dad who works with me every single day.

Do you like the juggle or does it become overwhelming sometimes?
It does get overwhelming, however, at the start of the year, I created a vision board of everything I wanted to achieve this year and slowly things are coming into perspective and becoming my reality. As a result, I feel like I’m not allowed to complain, however, having time off gets important also.

Can you talk me through what a typical day in your life now looks like?
I like to wake up quite early and get my workout at the gym out of the way. I either do cardio and weights or take a fun class. Then I like to think I get back to all my emails in an hour or two (although in reality that takes me a good 3-4 hours!) If it’s a filming day, I’ll film a video or 2 and edit them, if not, I’ll either go to meetings or events that are planned. No two days are the same, which is what I love!

What do you do in your down-time? And do you have any down-time?!
I like to give myself Sundays off and spend it with family or catchup with friends over dinner or coffee. I’m also a movie fanatic and die for cinema popcorn, so run to the movies any chance I get, haha!

What have been the biggest lessons you’ve learnt moving over to LA?
I truly thought I was independent and strong prior to moving to LA, however, LA has made me feel like I’ve never been more strong or independent than now. I’ve learnt to do so many things on my own, whether it’s the day-to-day, to creating deals, campaigns and working with amazing companies, to finishing my acting courses.

Are you happy with your decision to head over there?
Yes, the first year was hard because I was so homesick and wanted to come back home, but I’ve learnt to understand everything happens for a reason and I know I’m meant to be here… for now anyway. I feel very grateful with all the opportunities here in LA.

What has been the most exciting career moment since arriving in LA?
There’s been so many “pinch me” moments, however, probably being on the side of a major brand’s product after a crazy shoot. That was so surreal to me.

And the most upsetting career moment?
I’ve been grateful to have so many supporting family and friends, however, the competitiveness and “fakeness” of certain people can get anyone down in LA. It’s so important to know your worth and surround yourself with powerful, positive, driven, and like-minded people.

Was it hard making a new start over there in the blogging/influencer world?
Yes! The first year was the hardest, but you learn to adapt to change. I truly feel like a different person now than I was 2 years ago, even a year ago. Being a blogger and influencer full-time actually made it easier for me to find my circle, my niche, and surrounding.

We have to ask, when you’re not doing a video or an at event – what makeup and skincare products are you using and what makes them good?
Oh gosh, I love me some good Aussie Jojoba oil – I truly lather it all over my face and body and go through bottles like water! This makes my skin glow and it becomes so soft! When it comes to makeup, I’m loving natural looks at the moment – so anything mauve-toned, crisp and clean.

Do you think you’ll ever come back to Australia?
Yes of course, it’ll always be home!

What’s your five year plan?!
To grow my “Lilian Tahmasian” brand, my business and hopefully be in a few shows or movies ? I also have been invited to speak at a few top universities here, so I hope to expand that journey as well… ❤

All images: Lilian Tahmasian

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