Husskie’s Editor puts the new iPhone XR through its paces

If there’s one piece of technology that’s release gets me excited every time, it’s the launch of a new phone [and yes, I do realise how nerdy that sounds]. Whether it’s an iPhone, a Samsung, a Google, a Nokia… or any of the other androids, I want to check it out – and most of all, I want to check out the camera [true story, I recently sat with my friend @carolinehgroth at an event taking the exact same photo on our phones to see which had the better camera…]

Now disclaimer, I’m an iPhone girl through and through [I’ve actually owned one since the first week it launched in Australia in 2008], so when I heard some influencer friends talking about the new iPhone XR – I had to get my hands on it. I spend much of my life on my phone these days, so I’m never against an upgrade!

Chloe In Roses wearing Sempre Di shoes and Autark dress.

With the weekend seeing me directing, styling, and shooting a content campaign for Sempre Di featuring Chloe Rose, I decided to put the phone to the test with some behind-the-scenes shots. So while the campaign itself was shot via my DSLR camera, I also took a heap of pictures using the phone – meaning I had the opportunity to play a little game of comparison. And I have to say, I was rather impressed.

With Husskie being all about the influencer life – and a phone being their ultimate accessory – I thought I’d share some of the reasons why I’ve become a little taken with the iPhone XR. See below my very non-technical review on the new release alongside some shots from the Sempre Di x Chloe Rose shoot all taken using the phone…

Chloe In Roses wearing Sempre Di shoes, Binny dress (launching Mar ’19*), and Sarah J Curtis hat.

1. The camera will blow your mind
Each time Apple brings out a new iPhone, you can bet it’s going to be coming with it an upgrade to the camera because #selfielife. The iPhone XR is no different – with Apple upping the game on the image quality of both photos and videos thanks to a new and improved wide-angle lens camera teamed with a larger sensor featuring Smart HDR and faster auto-focus [okay, so I did get slightly technical there with a little help of some Google research]. What’s also great about the camera is that it now works better in low-light conditions [so now if you have grainy party pics – you can blame the photographer not the equipment!]

2. Portrait Mode just got even better… much better
Who hasn’t gone a little overboard with Portrait Mode on their iPhone? I’ve definitely seen my fair share of friends use it and then feel totally profess. But while Portrait Mode was obviously awesome on previous iPhones, sometimes you just want some more flexibility with your Depth of Field. Well, turns out Apple agrees. The iPhone XR lets you adjust the Depth of Field from a totally blurry background up to a super sharp one (using a similar language to a DLSR camera – e.g f/1.4, f/2.8 etc). Portrait mode also works on the iPhone’s front-facing camera, however, warning – it does only work on people not objects.

Chloe In Roses wearing Sempre Di shoes and Autark top and pants.

3. Videos come with enhanced audio
Instagram Stories, YouTube, Facebook Live, Snapchat… videos have pretty much become a daily part of people’s social media updates. The iPhone XR delivers a richer and deeper sound than the regular stereo of phones past – meaning you can pretty much do any filming you need right from your phone. Who needs a film crew these days?!

4. Longer battery life
Hallelujah! Here at Husskie, we pretty much live on our phones – and are constantly traipsing the gauntlet of running out of battery life. The iPhone XR reportedly lasts up to an hour and a half longer than iPhone 8 Plus – providing all day battery life. Now that’s a win.

Chloe In Roses wearing Sempre Di shoes, Sarah J Curtis bomber and Isabelle Quinn dress.

5. Drop it – and it won’t smash into a million pieces
There was once upon a time where I had one of those super ugly durable safe phone cases that meant if you dropped it, the phone had a chance of surviving. I am definitely that person who’s guilty of often dropping their phone – so a case has always been a must-have. But as each iPhone comes out, the more durable they become – with the XR now having the most durable front glass EVER in a smartphone. Ever! I’ve long ago said sayonara to the super safety case (I’m all about the pretty The Daily Edited cases these days) – but this is the first time I’m risking having a phone with no case at all. Wish me luck out there…

Chloe In Roses wearing Sempre Di shoes and Autark dress and Sarah J Curtis hat.

Main image: Chloe In Roses wearing Sempre Di shoes and Autark dress and Sarah J Curtis hat. All images shot by Husskie Press on iPhone XR. Styling and creative direction by Husskie Editor Yelena Fairfax

* Click here to enquire about pre-orders for the Binny dress.

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