Instahusband spotlight: Meet the men behind your fave influencers

They say behind many a successful influencer is a very patient Instahusband (or Instaboyfriend) – but in the case of the below, these men aren’t doing too badly as influencers in their own right. And while the term “Instahusband” may have conjured up a meme or two in its time, it’s become a real profession – with real talent.

As their partners scour the heights of Instagram stardom, these men have also perfected the finesse of a social media post – with some even going on to turn their lens to professional photography.

Below, we round up a few of our faves…

1. Cole Herrmann, husband to TezzaMB
He’s developed the Tezza App, makes the perfect photo prop, and then goes and steps in front of the camera himself… is there anything this man can’t do?! Bring on more of those outdoor shower shots [wow that sounded creepy, I meant that in a totally non-creepy way ?].

2. Kevin Berru, partner to Sincerely Jules
With a mixture of posed plandids to candid selfies with partner Julie Sarinana, Kevin Berru proves that while he’s definitely nailed being behind the camera – he ain’t so bad at getting in front of it too. 78,000 people agree with us…

3. Cody Weston Andrew, husband to Hello Fashion Blog
With a feed just as aspirational as wife’s Christine Andrew, Cody Andrew shows us a little more of life inside the Andrew household… and we’ll take all the little snippets we can get.

4. Keeevsch, partner to Debiflue
Delivering all sorts of couple goals wherever they travel, Keeevsch’s Instagram delivers the same amount of aspirational inspiration as his partners – and we love how they’ve developed their preset packs together. Definitely a preset worth putting in the shopping cart.

5. Do You Travel, partner to Gypsea Lust
Do You Travel may have already been an A-lister influencer before he started dating Gypsea Lust, but we’ve added him to the list because we think these are up there with the top power couples when it comes to the travel influencer space. Just take a browse of their feeds and you’ll see why…

6. Maurits Stibbe, partner to Negin Mirsalehi
Cute couple shots with Negin. Tick. Lovable puppy shots. Tick. Snapshots into their “real” lives. Tick. Maurits lets followers into his and Negin’s normal daily life away from planned style shoots – and we kind of love him for it.

7. Luke Shadbolt, husband to Gary Pepper Girl
An epic nature photographer, you don’t often spot pics of Luke himself on his Instagram account – but it’s clear from his feed that Nicole Warne’s not the only one with artistic talent in this relationship. Represented by Michael Reid Gallery, Luke’s wave imagery manages to capture the raw power of the ocean in a truly impressive and breathtaking way. Go check it out…

8. CollageVintage2, partner to Collage Vintage
Diego of CollageVintage2 is another who has taken his “Instahusband” prowess to the next level – with his street style snaps of Sara capturing the eye of Vogue, in which he is now a contributor. And while we do love his fashion shots, gotta say – we like it best when we get to see snaps of Diego himself… or better yet, Diego with Sara. Picture perfect.

9. Tobias Wolf, husband to Maren Wolf
Are you still called an Instahusband when you have 360K+ followers of your own? Anyway, stick with us… From epic blue steels to goofy outtakes, Tobias is clearly not shy when it comes to jumping in front of the lens. And when you look this good doing it, why would you be?

10. Michael Moretti, partner to Travel In Her Shoes
In January this year, Michael posted: “I think this is the first picture of me on my page… bold move for sure. Definitely more comfortable behind the lens, but tripods can do the trick sometimes ?” – and we loved that he stepped out from behind the lens. And while we love how his Instagram page gives us more epic photography of partner Aggie Lal, we think he should get out the tripod more often. Thoughts?

Main image: Keevsch

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