How influencers are fighting for marriage equality in their own way

It’s been long awaited (and getting a little embarrassing now) but Australians are finally getting a chance to have their say in the upcoming postal plebiscite for gay-marriage. For years the issue has come into spotlight and vanished, but never fully resolved. Yet, as we see marriage equality become globally accepted, there is a growing sense that it may now be Australia’s time to jump on board – with social media influencers pioneering for a positive outcome.

Celebrities and politicians are typically the voices we hear discussing these major social issues, however, with the rise of influencers, new voices are resonating all over social media in a strong and unmissable way. Influencers across fashion, beauty and culture have taken to social media to express their passion for this issue by posting images, thoughts and supporting the hashtag #loveislove to their combined millions of followers.

Below, we take a look at just some of the supporters and what they’re saying:

Image credit: @dicolaaa

Nicola Cross
Many of us share the dream travel blogger and photographer Nicola Cross recently shared with her Instagram followings, posting: “I hope one day, I’m sitting at the dinner table eating some rosemary & garlic roast potatoes telling my kids that there was stage in my life when gay/lesbian couples were not legally allowed to marry and I hope my kids will be outraged and say ‘that’s batshit fkn crazy, and these roast potatoes are the shit’ (then I’ll tell them not to curse at the table).” She finishes by writing, “Love is love; let that be, this has become embarrassing now Australia. #getoffyoassandvote”.

Jesinta Franklin
The ultra successful and striking businesswoman, model, author and brand ambassador (is there nothing she can’t do?!) Jestina Franklin has posted numerous times to display her unwavering support. An awesome campaign she supports, in joint force with Marie Claire, is the “UNTIL WE ALL BELONG” campaign in the fight for marriage equality. She says “this is something very close to my heart” using the hashtag #loveislove.

Teresa Vu
Teresa Vu is the editor of Déjà vu, a self-proclaimed feminist with an enviable Instagram feed and one that is not shy to voice her opinion on the marriage equality issue. Taking to the social media platform, she exclaims: “?LOVE IS LOVE MOFOS!? First off, I think that the plebiscite is a complete waste of $122 million and a dangerous platform for anti-LGBTQ campaigners to have. ??But if we’re doing it, make sure that you have your say. Let’s prove our politicians wrong and show them that young people give a f*ck and know how to send in mail ? (ask Siri if you’re unsure how to lol?). Make sure that you’re enrolled and all your details are up to date on the aec website (you only have until August 24‼️)”

Eleanor Pendleton
Gritty Pretty Founder and Editor Eleanor Pendleton also took to social media to have her say on the matter. Making a statement in an Instagram post after Marie Claire Prix de Marie awards, which made tribute to the importance of marriage equality during the event, she wrote: “In the words of inimitable Jackie Frank [Marie Claire Group Publisher], we ALL deserve equality. Together we can support each other. Together we can inspire each other. Together, we can make a difference.”

It’s hard to miss the passion and hard to disagree with these influencers – #loveislove !

Image credit: @dicolaaa

Words: Maddi Kinchington | Main image: @teresa_vu

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