The Grey Layers: How to beat the Instagram algorithm

Every budding influencer knows the thrill of the chase when it comes to garnering those little red notifications. Whether it’s another hundred, or thousand, or hundred of thousands of followers tipping over on your socials, growing an account can result in an intoxicating sense of accomplishment. But what happens when the numbers stagnate? Or worse yet, they start depleting? Staying motivated can take more than a morning cappuccino run. 

Jeanne Grey, the creative behind Grey Layers blog, has a few notes on perspective that will ease your fretting and allay some of those all-to-familiar anxieties. Tough love never felt so good. It’s time to take a step back and pull a Spring clean on your current approach to the ‘gram.

It seems obvious, but Jeanne reminds us of the importance of “understand[ing] your audience”. 

“They’re not following you for no reason. They look up to you and love you and your work, they are your best resource,” she says. Followers are keen to interact with a content creator that they admire, and can answer all of those ‘market research’ questions that you’re dying to suss out. What do they want to see? What are they tired of seeing?

It’s easy to fixate on numbers, especially given their significance in measuring Instagram ‘success’. But, when push comes to shove, nailing content is what matters most.

Jeanne notes that “everyone is writing about their outfits [and] their avo on toast”, prompting us to question, “how do you stand out? How do you make conversation?” As much as we love a good brunch snap, thinking outside the box can prove the key to a spike in followers.

While it can be tempting to scramble for a camera, an assortment of props, a little black dress and hit the ground running, Jeanne reminds influencers to slow down for a second and conduct a vital reassessment before running out the door. She sanctions the art of research, reminding us to “go past the brand name…[and] create self briefs prior to shooting product”.

“Consider current affairs, seasons and timing when posting. An example: About 75% of content creators push Halloween and Fall content in October… Keep in mind Breast Cancer Awareness month also lands in October. Not many creators write about this topic. Take your own spin at Female Empowerment and get some conversations going.”

Amidst the fierce competition of the blogging world, it is eternally crucial to create your own personal brand. Followers naturally gravitate towards accounts that offer something unique. Jeanne drums in the golden rule of creating “high quality, engaging content that creates conversation”.

There’s no such thing anymore as complete originality, but it is how bloggers conjure up innovative edits from myriad inspiration pools that results in an ever-growing Instagram account. Jeanne’s mantra? Be “ruthless” in your creative approach and make an oath to “always change it up”.

Click here to discover more of The Grey Layer’s tricks and tips.

All images via: The Grey Layers | Written by: Genevieve Phelan

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