Day on a plate and exercise regimes with Ashton Wood

Hot off the Gold Coast and newly settled in to Sydney life, Ashton Wood is one to watch. Alongside running a thriving Insta and producing an extreeeemely addictive crop of YouTube videos, this girl embraces a schedule of copious social events.

With a track-record of working in fashion through digital coordinator roles and perfecting pouts alongside Maybelline as an ‘It Girl’, Ashton has a penchant for all things style and media. She’s also a keen traveller, having toured Bali, NYC and LA already this year. Um, consider us jealous.

Ashton’s move to Syd was incited by a desire to grow her career as an influencer and throw herself into the fashion industry. And while her calendar has been fiercely amplified, this go-getter’s healthy habits have not suffered one iota.

“While I do my best to keep on top of my busy work and social schedule, I always make sure I have time to cook and bake! I love food sooo much, I plan my whole life around food – no joke,” she says.

Time to find out what exactly where all this stamina comes from. Clear the table, here’s Ashton’s Day On A Plate…


Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day!!! I always change it up as I have so many fave brekkies! I always wake up and go for a walk or run to get the day started! After that I make myself a protein smoothie and a green tea.

Breakfast #1
2 scoops of vegan vanilla protein powder, 1 frozen banana, 10 cubes of ice, cinnamon, chia seeds, teaspoon of almond butter. Sprinkle goji berries & cacao nibs on top. Yumm…

Breakfast #2
Yes I have 2 breakfasts during the week, haha! Once I get to work, I get myself a soy latte and will make oats with cinnamon and granola or avocado on gluten free toast OR a bagel with chilli salt & pepper.

I will always change up what I have for lunch, but at the moment I have been obsessed with tuna salads with cabbage, spinach, kimchi, avocado, tomato, cucumber and sriracha.

Protein ball & 3 fennel tea – OBSESSED.

My go-to dinners would have to be either: 

  • Salmon with sweet potato and steamed greens
  • Or zucchini noodles (zoodles) with garlic & chilli prawns.

I try to not eat dessert every night because it’s a bad habit of mine. When I do eat dessert, it’s either Pana chocolate which is this incredible handmade, vegan, sugar-free chocolate. You have to try it – I love the nuts one. If I don’t have any Pana choc in the pantry, then I will turn to peanut butter on strawberries… and also drink a green tea again!

I like to sometimes fall asleep to Netflix – Riverdale to be exact! But I usually fall asleep 10 mins into the episode… oops.

Exercise regime
Exercise is a MUST for me! It truly solves all problems in life. You feel great and look great when you exercise – it’s a win-win! Every morning I go for a 30 min power walk with my roomie at Centennial Park or around our neighbourhood. I also love yoga & Pilates, so I am stoked that at work we all do yoga once a week. I look forward to it every Thursday at 12pm.

After work before I have dinner, I do an “at-home” workout. I have one of those bands that you put around your knees to do glute-activation exercises, so I usually do a little booty & ab workout every afternoon for 30 mins.

All images via: Ashton Wood | Words by Genevieve Phelan

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