Day on A (plant-based) Plate with Ella Nelson

Just over a month ago, we spoke to Australian Olympic sprinter Ella Nelson about what her typical training week looks like – which had us all inspired to hit the gym hard [whether or not we followed through with our plans is another thing…]

Now, we’re back speaking to Ella about what her Day on A Plate looks like – and her delectable descriptions of her plant-based diet have got us all inspired again [and hopefully this one hits the sweet spot more successfully than our feeble attempts at ramping up the training].

“For the last 4 months I’ve adopted a plant-based diet to help me with some health issues I’ve faced, as well as give my system a big reset,” Ella tells Husskie. “I’m absolutely loving it and loving being able to create an abundance of fun recipes and play around with macros at the same time. And in terms of training – I feel great! I feel light, fast and bouncy…”

Below, we take a look at what you can find on Ella’s typical Day On A Plate:

7:00am RISE AND GRIND (coffee beans)
Wake up and make a great aeropress.

As we usually start our training at 9:30am, I like to eat my first meal 2 hours before so that I feel light and ready to hit the track (and lactic) hard.

At the moment, I’m loving a breakfast smoothie bowl that includes: 2 tbsp GF (gluten-free) oats, vanilla vegan protein powder, half a frozen banana, 1 tsp maca powder, 1 tsp ground flax, 1 tsp almond butter, and cinnamon to taste. Once blended and in the bowl, I top it with some shredded coconut, chia seeds, and cacao nibs for some added texture. It basically tastes like a snickerdoodle cookie in smoothie form!

9:30am-1pm TRACK AND GYM
During the time I’m at the track and gym, I like to sip on electrolytes and consume some aminos with water. If it is a really hard and physically taxing day, I’ll have either another protein shake (just vegan protein powder and water) or a protein ball post gym.

1:30pm LUNCH
Lunch is a meal that I tend to mix up pretty much every day – whether it be some avocado on paleo bread, a nourish bowl, or a huge bunch of roasted veggies. I like my lunches to remain flexible and fun, especially on hard training days when I’m super tired post workout!

4:00pm SNACK
At the moment I’m snacking on sliced cucumber, carrot and hummus. Always delicious, easy, and CHEAP. Popcorn or a piece of fruit is also in my snack rotation.

7:00pm DINNER
I love to be creative, and my Pinterest addiction SHINES when it comes to dinner. I love making chickpea curries, bean chilli dishes, nourish bowls, Caribbean tofu, cauliflower tacos, and lentil ‘burgers’. Cooking is a form of therapy for me so being able to create something that’s both super nourishing, filled with protein, and is pretty on the plate is a great way to end a hard workout day.

8:00pm DESSERT
I always finish my day with a cup of tea and a piece or two of dark chocolate. OR, if I’m feeling naughty, I’ll treat myself to a tub of dairy free Halo Top!

All images: Ella Nelson

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