Belle Lucia announces she is four months pregnant

Promising it was no April Fool’s joke, 24-year-old mega Instagram star Belle Lucia took to Instagram yesterday to reveal she is four months pregnant. While her belly is yet to show, she posted a video of the ultrasound to her Instagram Stories – but later removed it due to people being “creepy and rude”.

Just before posting the news, she uploaded an Instagram Stories hinting she was about to reveal something big – along with the hashtag #nervous. Shortly after, she posted a picture of herself and her boyfriend to Instagram’s main feed beside the caption: “So 1 + 1 really does equal 3? Mum + Dad 👶🏼 #comingsoon #4monthspregnant #librababylikeme #stillmodelling Ps not April fools 😂 it’s the 2nd here in the UK ✌️”.

The news has come with a huge amount of support from fellow Australian influencers, with Kristina Mendoca commenting: “Omg what?! Congrats!!! Ahhhhh baby belle!!!! Aunty Kristina up for baby sitting… I can teach him/her all the naughty words 😎😎😎😎😎”, while Emma Rose wrote: “Yay so glad the news is out 😍😍😍❤️❤️ you will be the best Mumma my love”. Other influencers lending their support included Pixpop, Tara Milk Tea, and Michaela Wain, amongst many others.

With Belle highly reserved in sharing too much about her love life – we are respecting her and keeping the name of the father out of this article, however, we do hope to one day be able to convince them both to sit down and do a Love Stories article with us. Wish us luck!

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Belle Lucia on Instagram Stories.

All images: Belle Lucia

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