Kristina Bazan the new Taylor Swift?

Kayture fashion and beauty blogger Kristina Bazan became a globally-recognised name late last year when she signed a reportedly seven-figure deal to become wholesale nfl jerseys one of L’Oréal’s coveted ambassadors. Now, Bazan is once more stepping into the spotlight with news she’s the first lifestyle blogger to debut a music video.

With 2.4 million followers on Instagram and a successful blog to her name, the 22-year-old has admitted blogging does fall second to her main cheap nba jerseys passion – music. for And it seems wholesale mlb jerseys this passion wholesale nba jerseys started at a young age, with Bazan attending music school in Switzerland aged 11 and starting a band called The Phew at 14.

Fast-forward eight years, and Bazan is today premiering her first music video “Out” on Vevo.com. The single was released on iTunes and Spotify in May.

“It’s the perfect ali first single. It’s not a big pop anthem; it’s a moody, vibey, sexy song. It lets people discover a new side of me. I’m not putting out a massive commercial hit,” Bazan tells WWD.

“Everyone associates дня me with fashion and being light and cute, and the whole video is dark and tormented and tortured and sexy. I wouldn’t say I’m deeply a sad, but I am a Scorpio. It’s the most conflicted sign.”

She also faces reveals that with everything that is Bewusstsein currently on, “I feel like I’m juggling a second life — I’m in such a great creative flow [right now].”

Image: Instagram.com/kristinabazan

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