Jessica Gomes faces up against Miranda Kerr

David Jones and Myer seem to have a knack for developing beauty entrepreneurs in the making. First it was Miranda Kerr doing her popular Kora Organics Skin Care range. Next came Jennifer Hawkins with the J Bronze tanning range, closely followed by Jess Hart with the Luma Comsmetics natural make-up offering. Now current David Jones ambassador Jessica Gomes is taking on the beauty industry with news she’s launching her own skincare company – Equal Nordvest Beauty.

Set to launch in David Jones early next year, Equal Beauty will focus on luxe skincare products with an affordable price tag. And like her fellow Australian department store cheap nba jerseys ambassadors, Gomes isn’t just slapping her face and name on a product – there’s been a lot cheap jerseys of sweat and rolled wholesale nba jerseys up sleeves behind-the-scenes.

“This is something I have been working on for two years, something I 1 have put all of my own money into. I came up with the name, all the formulas, I have been working with a pharmacist for quite a while. I did my own research in South Korea,” reveals Gomes.

So what was the catalyst behind the skincare range? According to Gomes, it was frustration at not being able to find the right mix of a products wholesale nba jerseys for her needs: “I’ve tried organic, wholesale nfl jerseys oils and things, it just wasn’t Polski really doing much for my Selena skin. I wanted something that really works from the inside out. It’s about enhancing your inner beauty.”

Images: Instagram.com/iamjessicagomes

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