A day in the life of a beauty influencer

Pre-Grammy parties featuring aerial dancers, fashion showings shared with Lady Gaga and Kate Hudson’s teams, and 20 hour days packed to the brim – the life of an influencer can never be accused of being dull. Showing us how it’s done is beauty blogger and Youtube creator Lilian Tahmasian.

After making a name for herself on home soil in Australia, last year saw Lilian announce she was packing up her makeup kit *read multiple suitcases* and relocating to the US. After the usual initial setbacks of a move that sees you having to acquaint yourself with a whole new industry of people – Lilian was quick to settle in, with beauty brands and companies soon welcoming her with open arms.

So what’s life like for a beauty influencer living in Los Angeles? Here, Lilian lets us walk a day in her shoes…

6am: Woke up and began to drink my first coffee of that day! I like to wake up early, before anyone else, so this way I can have some time to myself.

7am: I check my Instagram and YouTube channel first thing every morning. I flick through my emails and reply back to any urgent ones right there. I then grab a banana and head to the gym.

9:30 am: I arrive back home at this time and shower, right before grabbing my brekkie (which consists of oats, honey and cinnamon powder. Yum!) I then begin prepping my skin with a face mask. I know I’ll be wearing a whole face of makeup at night, so it’s important to prep my face beforehand. I have been obsessed with using the GlamGlow YouthMud Face mask, followed by the Glamglow GravityMud Firming treatment. Together these two are a powerful duo.

10:30am: Even though its pre-Grammy party day, I still have work to finish up on and meetings to attend. Today I have it easy, as they’re online, so I can sneak away with wearing comfy pants and a styled top. ; ) I have two back-to-back online meetings in New York today, as well as Dubai, which keeps things interesting.

12:00 pm: Once meetings are complete, I grab my go-to lunch – which for the past three years has been a tuna salad. I top it off with some avocado, chia seeds, cucumber, a little bit of cheese and balsamic vinegar. I then head off to downtown LA to visit my stylists at WowCouture USA. The office is what I like to describe as Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe. SO colourful, so vibrant and alive!

Clothes are propped everywhere. I walk past racks and racks of huge and heavy designs, to be told the rack on my right awaits to be picked up by Gaga’s team (that’s Lady Gaga!). The rack right near is for Britney Spears and the one behind, I believe Kate Hudson was trying out today. LA can be an interesting mixture of individuals. You never know who you will bump into, or who’s “team” you will see. I love the surprise.

My stylist and I go through a few dresses. The theme of the pre-Grammy party is “Ladies in Red”, so we have to stick with the colour palette, they’re strict. I try on different styles, lengths and shades of red and find “the one” soon after. I am given a clutch that goes with the dress and the option of taking home heels as well. It’s a gloomy day in LA so we decide to leave the building in the city before it begins to pour.

2:30pm: I arrive back home and send off a few more emails, before setting up to film a video for my Youtube channel. The filming duration of the videos depends on each one. Today’s video filmed is about my hair care routine and how I naturally grew my hair so fast. Once filming is done, I begin to mentally prepare for the night.

5:00pm: I begin the process of getting ready for the evening. I blowdry and style my hair and do my own makeup. I’m quite picky with how my makeup is done, however, I opt for more sparkle and pigment for the night.

8:30pm: We arrive at the event and are greeted with a red carpet. I feel like I’m in a movie, as there are so many photographers calling out where we should look and where to pose. After a few minutes on the red carpet, we head inside. There are the most beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. There are aerial dancers performing beautiful routines from terrifying heights. There are guards everywhere. Security looks very tight, which I’m not complaining about. We head to the bar, take a few pictures and begin to meet many people.

10:00pm: We are now introduced to a lingerie show. All the models are wearing beautiful big wings. They look like they just stepped out from the Victoria’s Secret show and they all look glamorous. The DJ begins to play music that makes you feel alive.

The venue is mainly black, with lights everywhere. There are mini tables set throughout the floor and groups of people everywhere. We gravitate towards the dance floor and dance the night away.

1:00am: After watching a few more performances on the runway, we decided to head home. It takes a few minutes to say bye to everyone around us, however, we are pleased with the night.

2:00am: Makeup is off, hair is in a high bun, and comfy clothes are back on. This feels like bliss. Goodnight.

Images supplied by Lilian Tahmasian.

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  1. I loved this article so much! 🙂 Thank You for the beautifully written piece! x

    • Husskie says:

      Thank you so much for chatting to us. We love what you’re doing and looking forward to seeing what’s next for you around the corner! x

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