50 Questions: A journey with Life With Three’s Rachel Barwick

It seems that when it comes to lust-worthy wanderer accounts, Australia continues to play home to some of the best in the world. Our latest addiction? Life With Three. Founded by Rachel Barwick in 2012, Life With Three began as a reflection of the things she loves (namely food, adventure, and her puppy Poppie), but has since gone on to become a go-to hub for travel explorations.

Constantly providing inspiration for packing our bags and heading for anywhere, nowhere, we chat to the travel influencer on everything from getting her Instagram account hacked to hot air balloon adventures (plus a possible expansion to the family)…

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1. Best beauty product of all time? My Clarisonic, it’s the best for making your skin clear and smooth!
2. Five beauty products you can’t live without? My Clarisonic, Sukin Face Moisturiser, coconut oil, mascara and brow gel
3. Hair “done” or messy? Always messy!
4. Makeup or no makeup? No makeup
5. Favourite fragrance? Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
6. Favourite item of clothing? Oh, this is so hard! I think I would have to say a pair of really ripped washed jeans I’ve had for years
7. Favourite fashion brand? I don’t know if I have a favourite because there are so many gorgeous brands that produce the most divine pieces. I really love Aussie brands though, like Spell Byron Bay and Arnhem Clothing
8. Sneakers or heels? No shoes?!
9. Gym or exercising outdoors? Definitely outdoors. It’s so much more refreshing and you get to look at beautiful scenery along the way
10. Yoga or running? I really like both!

11. Healthy eating or treating yourself? Healthy eating is important to me as it makes me feel so good! Plus if you make it right, healthy eating is treating yourself ☺
12. Can you cook? Yes, I love cooking. I never use recipes, I just make it up as I go ☺
13. Favourite food? Thai green curry
14. Favourite drink? Apple juice or rosé
15. Best place to eat out? This is hard but I would have to say the best places are in Bali. Being vegan there is just so much choice for me and the food is so fresh and healthy!
16. Happiest moment? Landing on Whitehaven Beach in a seaplane
17. Saddest moment? Thankfully I can say I haven’t really had one to date
18. Instagram or Snapchat? Instagram
19. Blog or YouTube? I like both but love popping on YouTube whilst I’m pottering around the house. I like having that background noise ☺
20. Iphone or camera? Camera

21. Type of camera? Sony A7
22. VSCO cam or Snapseed? I use both ☺
23. Facetune or untouched? Untouched
24. Favourite filter? VSCO S2
25. Shooting on-the-go or location scouting? I try to always capture moments where I’m engaging in an activity, so I would say on-the-go but at locations!
26. 9-5 job or full-time influencer? Full-time influencer
27. How did you get into blogging? My partner and I travelled up the East Coast of Australia for the first six months of last year and both our blogs took off from there ☺
28. How much time goes into a normal picture found on your Instagram account? It really depends; some photos need less editing because the lighting is right and colouring etc. It also depends on how long set-up was
29. Who takes your pics? My partner @caravandan takes most of my images ☺
30. Most exciting moment since being an influencer? This is hard because I really cherish all moments given to me since starting my account ☺

31. Most terrifying moment since being an influencer? In January of this year my Instagram page was hacked. Thankfully after a week back and forth to Instagram, I was finally able to retrieve it! It’s scary because you feel pretty helpless and so much work, hours and passion go into your account
32. Best campaign you’ve ever worked on? When we were in Tropical North Queensland last year, @caravandan and I were treated to a hot air balloon ride for sunrise with Raging Thunder. I think this is most special because the crew were all so beautiful. They gave us VIP access to inside the balloons before and after take off. We got to ride out and see where they chose to take off from. The experience in the air was just as incredible. If you have never been on one, I highly recommend it. It is so peaceful, serene and quiet
33. The best gift you’ve ever received as an influencer? We have some amazing things planned for later this month which I think are pretty special! You will have to keep a look out for them ☺
34. Last thing you googled? We’re currently thinking of adding to our little family, so my last google was rescue dogs ☺
35. Favourite film? Oh so hard. ‘Inception’
36. Favourite book? Childhood favourite: ‘The Secret Garden’
37. Favourite song? ‘Fix you’, Coldplay.
38. Favourite band? Coldplay
39. Living in the city or living by the beach? 100 per cent living by the beach!
40. Summer or winter? Summer forever please! I put this down to being born in January on a 42 degree day!

41. Favourite travel destination? We love Bali so much. It just has so much diversity. Jungle, rice fields, beaches, great food, bars and beach clubs and the people are lovely!
42. Going out clubbing or quiet dinner with friends? Absolutely a quiet dinner with friends ☺
43. Partner or single? Partner
44. Siblings? I have one beautiful older sister
45. What city are you currently living in? We are currently in Adelaide, South Australia
46. Celebrity girl crush? Isabelle Cornish. She’s so naturally beautiful and she’s vegan ☺
47. Celebrity boy crush? I don’t really have one!
48. Pets? My fur-baby Poppie, the chihuahua
49. Top five Instagram accounts to follow? @gypsea_lust, @matildadjerf, @jjjossan, @saltywings, @lonijane
50. Favourite quote you live by? “If you can be anything, be kind”

All images: @Life.With.Three

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