Zoe Cross: “Sometimes I have social media detoxes. I think it’s healthy”

When Tove Lo sang about being a “cool girl”, she may just have had Cross and Bone’s Zoe Cross in mind. Impossibly beautiful but yet carefree, creative and with a touch of quirk, Zoe has pretty much nailed the concept of cool.

On the back of her Easter campaign for Cotton On Body (see the video at the end), we chat to Zoe about everything from working at her friend’s sashimi joint to wearing high-cut leotards while doing the grapevine. Meet Zoe Cross…

If Insti is anything to go by, you look like you’re living a pretty incredible life. Is this a reflection of the truth?
Haha. That question made me laugh. I definitely do think I live a great life but I don’t think anyone’s Instagram is a reflection of their ‘real life’ – people only upload the best parts or the best angles of themselves. There is a lot more to my life that people don’t see, like the blood sweat and tears lol.

Can you talk me through what a usual week in your life would look like?
Every week is different for me. When I’m not working as much, I try to work out more and catch up with friends and family.

Do you travel a lot for work?
I’m lucky enough to have traveled with work taking me to Tahiti, the Maldives, Saas-Fee, the Seychelles and Ireland to shoot. When I get time off, I also like to go overseas for fun. Last year I went to Japan with friends and fell in love with Tokyo.

Are you a full-time model or can we sometimes catch you doing other jobs?
When I’m not modeling, you can occasionally catch me whipping up Fishbowls at my friend’s Fishbowl Sashimi bar in Bondi. I think it’s important to have other jobs outside of modeling, it helps keep you grounded.

You’ve just hit 100K followers on Instagram. Is Instagram essential for your career or have you always just been a fan of using the platform?
I’ve always just been a fan. People can follow and unfollow at any given moment, I try not to let it take over my life. Sometimes I even have social media detoxes, I think it’s healthy.

Do you try and create specific imagery for Instagram or does it mostly come from modeling jobs you are doing anyway?
My Instagram is mostly a collection of life, travels, and cool inspo. All the things I specifically shoot are for crossandbone.com, which is more of a visual diary where I can work with like-minded creative people and share it on my own platform.

Are there ever any days that you’re feeling sluggish and have to “turn it on” for the cameras?
Of course, everyone has their off days, it’s only human.

You appear to be very comfortable with your body. Is this the truth?!
It’s great that healthy bodies are now celebrated in the industry, I think it definitely makes me feel more comfortable.

Well, you do have a killer body! What type of food and eating regimes do you try and stick to?
I’m not super strict on myself, everything in moderation – but I try to eat clean and I eat a mostly vegan/vegetarian diet with the exception of fish.

You just did a BEAUTIFUL campaign with Cotton On Body. Can you talk me through the shoot day?
Every shoot day is different. The Cotton On Body team are a dream to work with. Everyone comes to work with amazing attitudes, since we shoot really long days… sometimes shooting 30 shots a day for three days in multiple locations, but it’s all super fun and kind of sad when the shoots come to an end.

Did you enjoy teaming up with Leila Thomas?
LOVE LEILA. Cotton On Body said they’d never been able to nail a double window shot for their campaign, and Leila and I are the first to have done that! I absolutely loved working with her, she has amazing energy. We’ve stayed in contact and will hopefully catch up soon.


When you’re not working, what can we find you doing?
Something creative. I like dancing, playing musical instruments, creating art, hanging 10, or traveling around the globe. I love going to Retrosweat – 80’s aerobics, you’ll find me wearing high-cut leotards and reebok freestyles, grapevining to all the hits of the 80’s.

What can we expect to see you doing with your career in five years’ time?
I try not to think too far ahead and prefer to live in the now. Assuming it’s something within the creative industry though.

All images: @crossandbone

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