Ruby Golani talks through her top 10 all-time beauty products

Ruby Golani

Porcelain skin, eyebrows to die for, and those eyes… dayum girl! Australian beauty vlogger Ruby Golani has long had us blown away with her slick makeup skills – including an insane ability to master tricky trends like the winged eyeliner and chiselled cheeks.

With almost 300K subscribers to her YouTube channel, Ruby’s videos have managed to rack up over 13.4 million views – with viewers regularly coming back to watch her weekly updates. Constantly trying out the latest and greatest across makeup and skincare, we were intrigued to find out what are the real go-to beauty products Ruby would be lost without.

Here, she talks us through her top 10…

Ruby Golani

1. Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation
I have dry acne-prone skin that’s very textured. This foundations give my skin a smooth over all look and covers up all my acne scars and pigmentation without leaving my skin feeling tight. It’s a great full coverage for all skin types that wears so well into the night. It’s a great everyday and special occasion foundation.

2. Benefit precisely brow #4
I have a good brow day every single time I use this brow pencil! It’s thin, has a great texture, and it makes the chore of filling in your brow bold spots a breeze. Once it’s on, this bad boy does not budge. The spoolie on the end is super soft as well so it doesn’t feel like you’re exfoliating your eyebrows every time you comb them through.

3. Bobbi Brown Instant Full Cover Concealer ‘Sand’
Hands down my favourite under eye concealer. It’s hydrating, full coverage, but is lightweight – it feels like you’re just wearing eye cream. This has minimal creasing and it wears so well throughout the day.

Ruby Golani

4. Neutrogena Micellar Gel To Foam Cleanser
Micellar water and a foaming cleanser in one – this makeup remover gets rid of stubborn, waterproof makeup. The micellar water attracts the makeup and dirt, while the foam cleanser removes any residue off your skin. No need to fuss around with makeup wipes and cotton pads, this product is a game-changer!

5. Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer
This primer is on the pricier side, but worth every cent. I have never used a primer that performs so well under all kinds of foundations (different finishes and textures). This blurs the skin and slightly colour corrects at the same time. Your foundation glides so well over it and blending is a breeze too.

6. The Beauty Blender
The most revolutionary beauty tool of our time. Need I say more? This was a huge game-changer for the makeup world and I love how you can apply creams and powders with it. 10/10!

Ruby Golani

7. The Lash Series
My favourite brand of lashes, these synthetic lashes are sold exclusively online but are the most amazing lashes I have ever used. Each pair can be used up to 15 times and are 100% cruelty free.

8. Fenty Beauty Killawatt Free Style Highlighter Duo ‘Mean Money’ & ‘Hu$tla’ 
I did not see this one coming! Riri didn’t come to play. Overall I am so impressed with Rihanna’s entire beauty range, but the highlight duos have my heart. It’s a duo that come with a subtle highlight for the day and a beautiful blinding highlight for night. I haven’t been able to put it down. The powders are so creamy and easy to blend and they look so good on the eyes too.

9. Urban Decay All Nighter Spray
I don’t like powdering my entire face as powder emphasises the dry spots of skin around my cheeks, so I lock my base makeup in using this spray. Added bonus, it makes your highlight look wet and helps it settle into the skin – making it look like a glow and not just a powder highlight sitting on top of your skin.

10. Charlotte Tilbury Contour Wand
I genuinely feel like Charlotte can’t get it wrong. The CT brand has always been consistent. This contour shade works well when I’m pale or freshly fake tanned. It’s also very easy to blend out and the delivery system is very unique.

Ruby Golani

All images: @rubygolani

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