“Never a dull moment in 2017!”: Roxy Jacenko on Oli, work & family

2017 has definitely not been short of events for PR Queen Roxy Jacenko – and we’re not talking fashion and beauty media launches here (although, there were plenty of those too). The last 12 months alone has seen Roxy face enough highs and lows to write a book about – and let’s face it, someone probably will… or even is already…

But instead of waiting for that “tell-all” novel to come out, we decided to go straight to Roxy to find out just what this year delivered when it came to both her personal and professional life…

Roxy was recently named the ambassador for Skinny Tan

2017 has been a huge year for you! Can you talk me through how things have changed for you in the past year?
2017 really has been a huge year for me – it’s been challenging, yet so rewarding! I have partnered with some of the biggest global brands in ambassadorial roles, SKINNY TAN OZ being my most recent, Oli being released from prison, and Pixie starting school for the first time have been challenging to say the least. Never a dull moment in 2017!

What have been some of the biggest milestones both professionally and personally you’ve crossed in 2017?
Professionally: Our team has grown immensely and for the first time we are now in our own offices, designed by Blainey North, and business couldn’t be better. My ‘In Conversation’ seminars have gone national and we’ve hosted our seminar in Melbourne – now we are taking it to the Gold Coast in 2018.

Personally: Oli proposing for the second time when the reality was my marriage was well and truly over in my mind, and learning to be together as a family again.

What has been the hardest thing you’ve had to face this year?
There is certainly not one thing – getting over cancer, Pixie starting school, and the publicity surrounding Oli’s release from prison. It’s hard to shelter your child from what others are saying but you have to be tough, do what you think is right for your child and get on with it.

With so much continually going on, do you ever feel like you need some time out?
Never! I am always on the go, it’s who I am and how I work! I also think it’s the way to be able to cope with challenges in your life. I have always been very much of the mindset that an IDLE mind is DANGEROUS!

On days off, is it nice having Oliver back around and being together as a family?
Well, I don’t have days off! But it’s great having him back; he is a wonderful dad and the kids are thoroughly enjoying their time together again.

Do you and Oliver make sure you get some time out together alone each week?
We try our best! With 2 kids and 3 businesses, life is busy and full of surprises.

What’s your favourite thing to do as a couple?
We love to go out for dinner, have a few drinks and wind down, but mostly we like to just take the kids out together on the weekends, get an ice-cream (for the kids, not me!) and enjoy life as a family.

The past 12 months we’ve seen you take on some more ambassador roles. Is this something a direction you want to be heading in more in the New Year?
I think being an ambassador is a great way to align myself to brands and products I truly believe in. All of my ambassadorial roles have come about as I actually USE the product/service. I would love to continue down this path – it’s great fun and I have had some amazing opportunities to meet new people, network and create new opportunities for my PR company, Sweaty Betty PR.

You’ve just signed on with SKINNY TAN as their new face. What was it about the brand that appealed to you?
It’s an amazing product, I swear by it! The tan is natural, streak free and smells amazing. You can put it on whenever, wherever and get the same results every time. They’ve thought of everything! My favourite is the 7-Day Tanner in Dark, as I am always on the go it means I can do at home and not have to worry about when and how I am going to fit in time to get to a salon for a professional tan.

A perennial tan is never a bad thing! Is this one of your top style secrets?
Without a doubt! I am NEVER without a tan and it is the best way to make yourself feel and look skinny!

Talking about your style… what are your top 5 style rules?

  1. Always have a SKINNY TAN on!
  2. Get a fresh manicure regularly
  3. A great blazer is a wardrobe must
  4. Less is more
  5. Staple items are worth investing in

And lastly, what can we expect from you in 2018?
I don’t know what is happening tomorrow let alone next year, that’s how I like it!

Roxy applying Skinny Tan

Main image: @roxyjacenko taken by @karonphotography | All other images: @roxyjacenko / @skinnytanoz

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