M∙A∙C-ing memories: Influencers talk first foray into beauty

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They’re renowned for their edgy collaborations think everyone from the likes of fashion designers to rock stars, and then there’s the cartoon characters and deceased stars but M∙A∙C’s latest partnership has probably got us the most excited yet. Launching in April, M∙A∙C has teamed up with 10 global beauty influencers to create their own lipstick for the brand.

From the United States – there’s LarLarLee’s Laura Lee and Gabriel Zamora, representing United Kingdom is Fleur De Force and Alessandra Steinherr, and from Canada is Samantha Ravndahl [@sssamanthaa]. Joining them is Brazil’s Vic Ceridono  Brazil, Middle East’s The Real Fouz, France’s Marie Lopez [@EnjoyPhoenix], Germany’s Caroline Daur [@CaroDaur], and Australia’s Nikkia Joy.

Summing up the experience, Alessandra Steinherr reveals: “It was truly one of the best moments of my career to date. I am totally product obsessed, and being able to put my vision into practice was just incredible. I knew exactly what I wanted for the lipstick shade, feel and finish and it was so cool to mix it all together in the lab. Doing it from scratch and then pouring it into the moulds was all so exciting. And I loved learning from the incredible chemists who really had a lot of patience with me. :)”

To help celebrate the collaboration, Husskie takes a look at the influencers’ first M∙A∙C memories to learn what makes the brand so special to them…

Enjoy Phoenix beauty influencer Marie Lopez

“It’s funny, I actually still remember the first M∙A∙C product I ever purchased. I must have been only 14 or 15 years old (the makeup obsession clearly started at a very young age!) It was a pink lipstick and I walked out of that store proud as punch holding my little black and white M∙A∙C bag. I’m pretty sure I wore that lipstick day and night for the next two months after that!”

“My first M∙A∙C memory is saving up with my girlfriends to buy ourselves pieces of the Barbie collection that launched while I was in high school.”

“On my first trip to London, in 2002, I went for the first time to a M∙A∙C store the first one in Brazil was only to open later that year, and I was dying to get to know the brand. I bought C-Thru, a nude Lipglass, and Fleshpot, a nude lipstick that instantly became my favourites the smell of M∙A∙C lipsticks brings me a lot of memories, and this is still one of them!”

“My first M∙A∙C memory is me going into a store in Houston, TX and buying my first M∙A∙C concealer. I had been playing with makeup for about a year and knew I wanted a high quality product that was still affordable. I love drugstore products because of their price and convenience, but I wanted something that would last longer throughout the day. I love that you can try out products in the store and have a makeup artist help you pick the right products.”

“When M∙A∙C launched, it created a total disruption in the beauty industry. Makeup by makeup professionals in simple but iconic packaging. No gimmicks just great products, and it was as cool back then as it is now. My first products were the Spice lip pencil and Twig lipstick these were the icons to create that 90’s supermodel lip with brown liner and that mauvey lip. I felt like Cindy Crawford or Christy Turlington wearing it.”

“My very first [M∙A∙C] lipstick was Jubilee! It’s the perfect nude for every day, which gives the impression to have “my natural lips, but better”! Every time I finish it, I run buying it again!”

“Forcing my mum to go to my local M∙A∙C counter with me and swatch every single eyeshadow. I think I left with Electric Eel! Of all the colours to choose from… perhaps not the most wearable!”

“My older sister is like the biggest M∙A∙C fan on earth. When I started to use makeup, she showed me the brand and infected me with the M∙A∙C love.”

“My first M∙A∙C memory was getting a lip gloss as a Christmas present from my friend. From then on I would scrounge together every last dime so I could pick up one product at a time to build my collection.”

Sssamanthaa beauty influencer Samantha Ravndahl

Main image: @CaroDaur

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