Lisa Di Maria: “I did not imagine it could become a real job for me”

Hailing from the lush hillsides of Posillipo, Naples in Italy, front-running digital influencer Fiordaliso Di Maria of Instagram account Lisa Di Maria can be seen translating the vintage, pastel feel of this seaside town into her warm Instagram aesthetic.

With content delivering a glorious depiction of the good life, her feed will soon have you drooling over plentiful sun-soaked locations and gilded head-shots that mirror the Mediterranean vibes of her home town.

Today, we quiz Lisa on how her love for fashion, travel and lifestyle transcends the screen…

How do you edit your photos for Instagram?
I usually edit my photos with apps like Snapseed and Lightroom.

Is there a particular filter that you use on your images?
If I have to be honest – no, I really love to adjust colours and exposure.

Do you schedule your blog and Instagram posts?
When it’s for a job, yes.

Who photographs your Instagram and blog content?
Rarely with photographers – usually it’s the people around me. It may seem absurd, but my mother is the one that puts [the most] passion in it!

Walk us through a working day in your life…
My working days vary from request to request. Generally, I can manage my work at home. Other days require more movement [such as] events and shooting.

When did you transition from part-time blogging to becoming a full-time digital influencer? Was this a scary step to take?
It’s been two years now. At first I did not imagine it could become a real job for me – it scared me not being able to manage and organise my work. But, over time and with the right company, you discover that in truth it is a job that you can organise more than others.

Congratulations on being a bride to be! How far into the planning process are you?
Ehmm, if I tell you that in 4 months I’m getting married and I’m only at the beginning of the process, would you believe me? Haha.

Aside from content creation, what are your favourite hobbies?
My favourite hobbies are shopping, going to the gym and cooking.

What’s your go-to street style outfit of the moment?
High-waisted leather pants and a white t-shirt.

Who is your biggest Instagram crush?
Currently, I’m in love with Negin Mirsalehi, Romee Strijd and Taylor Wright films.

What else is on the agenda for 2018?
I hope to receive a lot of work satisfaction and to be able to combine work and family without neglecting either of them.

All images via: Lisa Di Maria | Interview & words by Genevieve Phelan

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