Influencers help Katy Perry put the ‘U’ in individual

Katy Perry and INDI Influencers

When it comes to celebrity fragrances, it makes sense for the celebrity themselves to front the campaign, right? But then again, since when has Katy Perry done things by the book… To launch her latest fragrance INDI, the singer has teamed up with a range of empowering influencers to answer the all-important question of #whatmakesyouINDI.

Known to embrace idiosyncrasies and champion quirks, Katy has distilled her passion for uniqueness into the INDI fragrance by choosing five influencers taking individuality in their stride for the visual advertising campaign. “It’s about expressing your true self and enhancing the incredible individual you are,” explains Katy of the fragrance and campaign.

Katy Perry Announces #whatmakesyouINDI

Image credit: @katyperry

The diverse line-up of influencers chosen includes body positivity activist Felicity Hayward, foster child-turned attorney/fashion blogger Blake Von D, tattoo artist and social activist Marilyn Rondón, musician Brianna Lance, and transgender model Ren Sprigs – with each INDI ambassador extraordinary in their own right.

The five influencers have shared their stories via the campaign to imbue the scent with notes of self-expression, diversity and community meaning that despite being a “celebrity fragrance”, the spritz doesn’t reek at all of celebrity status. Through personifying the fragrance and allowing the everyday individual to delve into the reasons as to why they wear it, social media has welcomed INDI into its beauty #shelfies with open arms.

But the sharing of journeys via the INDI campaign doesn’t stop with these five. The campaign is open to all, with Katy encouraging everyone to draw on their own individual experiences of self-empowerment and growth by posting their #whatmakesyouINDI uploads on https://katyperryindi.com.

Main image: Coty  | Written by Genevieve Phelan

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