Chronicles of Her’s top style tips for 2017

When it comes to style, Chronicles of Her founder and editor Carmen Hamilton has it in the bag (both figuratively and literally). Relaunching the Chronicles of Her website late last year, Carmen uses the platform to deliver snippets of insights into her uber stylish wardrobe (as well as those of her blogger and model friends).

Putting a twist on the mantra “new year, new me”, Carmen recently discussed how she’s using everyday accessories to help reinvent her wardrobe (without having to splurge on a shopping spree). She explains: “You don’t need to rush out and buy a bunch of things to feel ‘fresh’ again, you just need to put a new spin on your wardrobe staples.”

See below for Carmen’s four key tips for resetting your wardrobe:

  1. Experiment with eyewear. “I’m loving tinted coloured lenses… I’m all about that 90s vibe they add to an outfit.”
  2. OTT is the new understated. “When you’re on the hunt for a new handbag, go for one with statement hardware. It will spice-up the most basic of outfits, but I also love the drama it creates when I wear it with prints.”
  3. Bring the belt. “For some reason, I always forget to wear one but they instantly make any outfit cool. Toughen up your plain-tee-and-denim combo, or try one with a dress.”
  4. Accessorise your ears. “The more the merrier, I say. If piercings scare you, play around with ear cuffs (confession: my third hole is actually a clip-on cuff from Catbird!).”

Click here to read the full article where Carmen reveals further info on the different tricks she has up her sleeves for style revamping.

Images: www.chroniclesofher.com and @carmengracehamilton

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