Capitalising on the creative scene with stylist Vydia Rishie

Vydia Rishie knows a thing or two about style. As a lover of fashion and its palpable dictation of personal style, Vydia canvasses her Instagram grid and The VR Verdict blog with meticulous ensembles and respective how-to’s designed to inspire.

As the standing Art Director of C/oURTESTY OF Magazine, freelance stylist and budding blogger, we have been thoroughly wowed by Vydia’s myriad credentials. From beauty regimes to the art of dressing, she is a true connoisseur of ‘put togetherness’. 

For any fellow sartorial zealots who are hoping to effortlessly fuse social media with their personal brand, this girl is the mentor for you…

What are your top tips for styling standout accessories?
Accessories are my thing. I always love to accessorise and take outfits to the next level with jewellery and belts and scarves. My tip for styling with accessories is to think about your whole look and see where accessories can add to it. Overdoing it is definitely a look, but for the most part – paired back is a favourite of mine.

What camera equipment do you use?
An iPhone 7 Plus!

Do you like to edit with Lightroom or phone apps? Do you have a favourite filter?
VSCO is the easiest to use, and I don’t necessarily have a go-to filter – I just like a desaturated look but the skin to still be popping.

Tell us a bit about paving your glamorous career path. How did you break into this competitive fashion industry?
It’s definitely glamorous but with a whole lot of work behind the scenes, which is what you’d expect. I feel lucky to have capitalised on the creative scene when I was quite young and to be able to grow with it and get to where I am now is something I’m really proud of. Stepping into a stylist role has definitely been a highlight.

You manage both the day job of a sought-after stylist, and the extras of a thriving Instagram and blogging platform. Is it a tricky balancing act? How do you manage the juggle?
Staying organised is key, and also having a dope management team behind you. Also just having a genuine love for what you to do, all that stuff – being organised, balanced, motivated and switched on comes naturally when you love what you do.

What exactly does ‘style’ mean to you, and how would you define your own take on it?
I always find this question difficult to answer, because to me, style transcends fashion. It’s more than just what you wear, it’s the car you drive, your home interiors, your personality – basically how you live your life and present yourself. For me, I’ve always described myself as put together. What I wear changes everyday but it’s a polished version of whatever I’m feeling.

Your selfies boast glowy skin and defined eyes. What are your beauty shelf essentials right now?
Haha I’d be nowhere without a full coverage foundation. I go through phases of taking care of my skin and not taking care of it, but for the most part – it’s okay! I love masks (Glamglow is my favourite). For makeup, lashes are key.

What’s your number one go-to outfit you wear on repeat?
I try not to repeat outfits if I’m being dead honest. It’s not very inspiring.

What garments are on your wish list right now?
Anything by Off-white or Vetements.

All images via: @vydia | Interview by: Genevieve Phelan

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