Insider tips on Harper and Harley’s brow supremacy

When it comes to strong brow game, we’re pretty obsessed with Harper and Harley blogger Sara Donaldson’s perfect arches. Recently teaming up with brow artist Lien Davies for Byrdie Beauty, the two revealed their insider tips and tricks for the ultimate in brows.

Below is Lien and Sara’s step-by-step guide to creating 👌 brows.

Make sure you have on hand all the correct tools for shaping brows including tweezers, brow scissors, a pacer or pencil, clean popsicle stick and ruler, a cool-toned brow powder or brow pencil, and a taklon flat paint brush.

Measuring is all about creating symmetry, according to Lien. To do this, you hold a ruler at various locations along the brow – using your nose and eyes as a guide.

The ultimate brow shape is “a soft, angular arch with an elegant tail length”, Lien tells Byrdie Australia. To get this look, use a taklon flat brush and dark brow powder to outline your ideal brow shape.

Not always necessary – but basically trim anything that sits above the outline when brushed up for the front of the brow and below the outline when brushed down at the tail.

Tweeze stray hairs.

Etch in hairstrokes to fill any bald patches or uneven areas using a powder that matches the natural colour of your brow.

Sara Donaldson for Byrdie Australia

Image: Ken Butti for Byrdie Australia

Click here to read the full article including more in-depth tips on how to recreate this brow look.

Main image: @harperandharley

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