Will the beret overthrow the baker boy as this season’s cult accessory?

Breton stripes and baguettes have never left our side, but what about the beret? It’s arguably the most prolific Francophilian accessory of them all. And this statement headwear item has cropped up on just about every influencer’s feed lately.

We’ve all seen the rise of the baker boy hat, with its utilitarian edge and fantastic bed-hair-banishing propensities. But the beret’s heyday dates all the way back to the 19th Century. If you sashay past a market strip in the heart of Paree, you wouldn’t be hard-pressed to find a beret-donning Parisian. The significance of this sartorial comeback is its international scope.

After scrolling through many of the lead fashion ‘grams, we can’t deny a widespread frenzy over this iconic French crown. Here’s just a few samples of our favourite style bloggers who have recently been spotted saying a bold oui, oui to the beret…

1. @jadetunchy heats up the streets in this racy hue

2. @_h2w_ rocks the headwear with a monochrome palette

3. @gabbyepstein says yes way, beret

4. @maddyolearyy turns technicolour for a modern iteration on the classic accessory

5. @neginmirsalehi does Parisian balcony hangs right, avec beret

6. @yoyokulala goes baguettes for beige in this understated ensemble

7. @natalieoffduty shows how the beret can play up a classic denim-on-white combo

Main image via: Jade Tunchy | Words by Genevieve Phelan

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