Why Zanita Whittington disappeared from the web

When I launched Husskie, I had an aim of creating a space where people could not only come and learn about influencers – but to also offer an avenue where influencers could visit to gain knowledge, education and support to help guide them through this crazy new digital world we live in.

As a result, I like to share the stories of not just the good aspects of the influencer world, but also the bad. As is often the case with a lot of the more glamourous-looking industries, when you peel back the surface layer of digital stardom – it’s not all freebies, exotic holidays, and A-lister parties that people tend to associate with the job.

One incredible fashion influencer that has recently been struggling with her path through the digital landscape is renowned style blogger Zanita Whittington. A super talented creative that has forged a career many are envious of, behind the camera – Zanita has been battling with the journey.

In a very raw post on her blog – Zanita Studio – the blogger revealed just why she’s been shying away from the limelight for the last 12 months and why we can expect to see her back… “I’ve been a bit lost on creativity for almost a year now. Through personal setbacks and overextending myself on work, I’ve been left feeling burnt out. It’s challenging to forgive yourself for this kind of lapse, but totally integral to get yourself back on the good foot.

“I’m finally getting settled in New York (for good!) and ready to begin a new chapter of self belief, striving to create new things to share with all of you. Going to be sharing more of that story in coming posts [on Zanita.com], including the challenges I’ve been facing with my mental health and ADHD.

“Been genuinely missing you all so much! It’s crazy how guilt can sometimes avert you from the thing that could really help. I’ve been averting my eyes from sharing in a genuine way in my struggle to be present in my day-to-day life. Going to strive to keep this up. I feel like I’ve said it before but I recognise this [blogging] space as a kind of creative therapy – as it was when I first began – sharing was its own reward. Crazy how that can get lost over so much time – I’ve been blogging for nine years now!”

Click here to read the full article Zanita.com. All images: @ZanitaZanita

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