When Instagrammers take a laugh at themselves

Being an influencer isn’t all about immaculate angles and inspirational quotes. Sometimes our Instafamous friends show us just how human they can be by letting loose, having fun, and giving us something to laugh about.

Here are eight influencers who show us that being our #unfiltered self can sometimes be the better option…

1. Joe Sugg
We all know, love and need a little British humour in our lives, and Joe Sugg provides. And he’s not afraid to be a little lame about it sometimes (which we kind of love him for). One such time was with the below picture – where Joe refused to smell his friend’s finger despite “multiple requests”. Charming… but still cute. Agree?!

Image credit: Joe Sugg

2. Celeste Barber
Celeste Barber blessed Instagram with her presence in 2015 when she started recreating celebrity pictures in hilarious homemade parodies with contorted faces and awkward poses. She told My Modern Met that it started as a “fun experiment to see what it would look like for an average person to photograph herself doing rich people things”. That experiment continues to give us all the lols.

Image credit: Celeste Barber

3. Xia Xue
While pretty in pink on most days, Xia Xue is never afraid of switching up her perky page to make fun of people (including herself) every once in a while – be it via her witty sense of humour or a talent for using a makeup brush. We probably laughed the most at her makeup tutorials, unapologetically re-creating looks of scandalous celebrities.

Image credit: Xia Xue

4. Alexa Chung
Even with a Gram full of glam, Alexa Chung always finds a way to fill our social media scrolling sesh with a little more laughter. Her quick wit can always been found in her captions to make that perfect shot just a little more brilliant. Recent example? Capturing the below picture with the words: “You’ve been framed.”

Image credit: Alexa Chung

 5. Jade Tunchy
Jade Tunchy’s never failed to make us fall of our chairs on her @therealjadetunchy page. It’s full of drunk videos, relatable captions and ridiculous moments with friends – basically, all the good stuff. She said in a post that she had hoped her page inspired more people to “be a little more ‘unfiltered’ too”.

Image credit: Jade Tunchy

6. Rianne Meijer
She may have a feed full of glamorous street style looks, but Rianne Meijer isn’t afraid to sometimes poke a little fun at herself and the amount of effort that goes into capturing one perfect image for the Gram: “I love love love creating nice images and am no stranger to posting some less nice once as well. But let’s be honest those perfect loving life pics dominate most of our feeds and it sometimes scares the sh*t out of me thinking about all these young humans given such high standards. Most of all because it’s not real. Like I said, these posts are one in 300 maybe 400 (at least for me, there are some crazy motherf**kers out there who just need 5 hahah) and some nice filters?. So YES to making Instagram a place you leave feeling better not worse. Let’s make it about inspiring each other and let’s keep it real from time to time ❤”

Image credit: Rainne Meijer

7. Liza Koshy
And of course this list would never be complete without the online queen of funny. YouTuber Liza Koshy is well known for her quick wit and nonsensical videos and just as well known for the unexpected captions that accompany a well-themed Instagram page. Take the caption for this photo, “I squat like this for photos and for public toilets”. Isn’t she just lovely.

Image credit: Liza Koshy

8. Kristen McAtee
With an adorable, carefree sense of humour, Kristin McAtee’s Instagram feed brightens anyone’s day. There’s never a photo that doesn’t spread some joy on this girl’s page. It’s no wonder Liza Koshy and her are such good friends.

Image credit: Kristen McAtee

Main image: Liza Koshy

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