What you’ve been searching for in 2017

While you were sitting at home innocently tapping away at your keyboard “How to get rid of pimples?”, the massive search engine that is Google was quietly collating the info behind-the-scenes – placing it in its rather large knowledge bank. But with Google just releasing its annual Year in Review, we’re happy to say you weren’t alone in your hunt for pimple eradication measures.

Revealing the world’s most popular enquiries for the past twelve months – here at Husskie HQ we love looking over the review to see what people have been turning to Google for the answers on. And you can get pretty snoopy too, with the Google Year in Review covering everything from news stories and celebs to fidget spinners and slime.

Below, we take a look at the trending topics for 2017 when it comes to fashion brands, beauty brands, beauty questions, and styles + trends… Get snooping.

Fashion Brands

  1. Gucci
  2. Louis Vuitton
  3. Supreme
  4. Fashion Nova
  5. Chanel
  6. Yves Saint Laurent
  7. Christian Dior
  8. Dolce & Gabbana
  9. Valentino
  10. Moschino
Josefine HJ with Dior clutch

Image credit: @josefinehj j’adoring Dior

Beauty Brands

  1. Ulta Beauty
  2. BH Cosmetics
  3. LipSense
  4. Charlotte Tilbury
  5. Milk Makeup
  6. Benefit Cosmetics
  7. Wet n Wild
  8. Fenty Beauty
  9. Huda Beauty
  10. Finishing Touch Flawless
Fenty Beauty

Image credit: @isabellemathersx wearing @fentybeauty

Beauty Questions

  1. How to get rid of pimples?
  2. How to get rid of back acne?
  3. How to take off acrylic nails at home?
  4. How to do eyeshadow?
  5. How to get rid of acne scars?
  6. How to shrink pores?
  7. How to apply Lipsense?
  8. How to get rid of under eye bags?
  9. How to exfoliate face?
  10. How to apply highlighter?
Dominque Elissa

Image credit: @dominiqueelissa rocking the perfect eyeshadow look

Styles and Trends

  1. Beauty blender
  2. Mink lashes
  3. Halloween makeup
  4. Eyelash lift
  5. Prom makeup
  6. Nude makeup
  7. Lip plumper
  8. Skeleton makeup
  9. Feather eyebrows
  10. Lip gloss
Sophia Miacova

Image credit: @sophiamiacova feathering her brows with the best of them

Main image: @thylaneblondeau | Words by Maddi Kinchington

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