The ultimate list of Norwegian influencers you need on your radar

It’s an irrevocable obsession when it comes to the Nordics – one that often induces all sorts of crazy tendencies like searching up airfares and purchasing longline, plaid trench coats in the middle of a December swelter. You may also find yourself vigorously brainstorming how exactly all Norwegian Insta-icons are SO DARN COOL. A geo-exclusive chromosome? Something in the water? Hmmm. 

If this obsession/frustration sounds familiar, then you’re in luck. We’ve produced a definitive guide to the frontrunners of the Norwegian blogging scene and are documenting each of their signature quirks. It’s sure to have you lusting once again over that quintessential Scandi style.

Without further ado, let the onslaught of effortless sophistication commence…

Hanneli Mustaparta | @hannelim
Hanneli Mustaparta is a captivator. Her Instagram account is bright and lofty like a true, Nordic retreat. A photographer, fashion blogger, stylist, former model and Vogue contributor, it’s almost exasperating to keep up. Then again, it’s no surprise that 250k followers do just that as Hanneli documents her exotic life and quirky style.

Image credit: @hannelim

Celine Aagaard | @celineaagaard_
Editor, journo, consultant and all-round badass, Celine Aagaard is a connoisseur of couture and a wordsmith by nature. Conjuring up witty captions alongside her outrageously chic uploads, Celine maintains an androgynous yet seductive mode of style with a killer sense of humour to match. We think this might be love.

Image credit: @celineaagaard_

Tine Andrea | @tineandreaa
Tine Andrea is a bombshell with a borderline illegal shoe collection – it’s that good. Her ‘gram glints with green accent pieces: clutches, backdrops and blazers that are occasionally the sumptuous yet oft-neglected hue of emerald. Her blog, The Fashion Eaters, houses a plethora of style snippets and outfit #goals styled to the nines.

Image credit: @tineandreaa

Emili Sindlev | @emilisindlev
Anna Wintour-esque frames create an irresistible allure as we navigate Emili Sindlev’s page. She shares a crop of photographs filled with colour, locations and street-style inspiration. She frequently flashes the camera with a smile, dressed head-to-toe in the most incredible textures and layers. From silk, to corduroy and impossibly-intricate knits, this Insta appeals to the senses.

Image credit: @emilisindlev

Anni Jor | @annijor
Anni Jor is a realist. Through her Instagram account, we gain a rare glimpse into both the everyday Norway life and the glamorous events that dazzle its residents. There is something eternally fascinating embedded in this ‘best of both worlds’ approach. With hungover selfies, childhood flicks and Vogue-reading rituals in her dressing gown, Anni never fails to evoke a wry grin from us mid stalking-session.

Image credit: @annijor

Kristine Ullebo | @kristineullebo
Retro vibes. Location shots. Parisian balcony hangs. Kristine Ullebo is a globetrotter and go-getter. A part-time model and full-time ‘cool girl’, we can’t help but feel old Hollywood style seeping from her Instagram grid. With blurry, candid snaps spliced between behind-the-scenes videos, this account doesn’t seek to communicate perfection, but instead a stylish, confident chaos.

Image credit: @kristineullebo

Fredrik Risvik | @fredrikrisvik
Fredrik Risvik adheres strictly to the Scandi style code. His feed is brimming with shades of white, timber surfaces, coffee cups and kitsch magazines. With walks around the ‘old town’, you’ll be vicariously living Fredrik’s local Norway life. Beanies and blazers galore, we are besotted with his go-to understated ensembles. His trademark outfit shot includes cult accessories and a glare focused away from the camera lens. Can we say cool one more time, please?

Image credit: @fredrikrisvik

Lene Orvik | @leneorvik
Lene Orvik takes to Insta with a trademark blonde bob and warm, glowy stills of endless travels and treasures. She is living proof that you can take the girl out of Norway, but you can’t take Norway out of the girl.

Image credit: @leneorvik

Martine Egeland | @martineegeland
At just 22 years of age, Martine Egeland has accumulated a staggering 200k+ following on Instagram. Her photography is tinted with an old vintage veneer featuring friends, food aplenty and flawless beauty selfies.

Image credit: @martineegeland

Erika Mohn Kvam | @ericakvam
Scrolling through Erika Mohn Kvam’s blog photography is inexplicably soothing. Turning to her Insta, we delve into up-close beauty profiles and records of numerous beaches abroad, all slightly blurred with that iconic, retro/polaroid filtering.

Image credit: @ericakvam

Darja Barannik | @darjabarannik: Minimalist awash with muted primary colours and contrasted with precious metals, Darja Barannik’s Instagram verges on almost too Scandi to handle. And we cannot get enough. Jewels are her thang, with the most delicate bracelets and boldest ear candy parading her feed. A blue sequinned dress, a satin purple coat and a black patent trench all sound mortifying – yet, they look so incredibly stylish hung on Darja’s frame.

Image credit: @darjabarannik

Camilla Pihl | @camillapihlno
Dubbed Norway’s most award-winning influencer, Camilla Pihl is a big-gun of the blogging scene and an expert in navigating a lens. The multi-talented model, influencer and designer flaunts her unforgettable gaze and Scandi locks on her grid, whilst sharing her style secrets over on her blog

Image credit: @camillapihlno

Main image via: @darjabarannik | Words by: Genevieve Phelan

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